Charts for January 22nd - January 30th
Artist Album
1 Spirit of the Bear Fade Into Blue
2 Typhoon Offerings
3 Prettiest Eyes Pools
4 The Zephyr Bones Secret Place
5 Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue
6 Key To The Mint A Godless Line
7 Kid Trails Naming
8 Flat Worms Flat Worms
9 Glaze Wasted Mind EP
10 Swingin' Utters Drowning In The Sea, Rising With The Sun
11 Virtual Self Virtual Self EP
12 Long Neck Will This Do?
13 Spice Boys Glade
14 Dirty Sidewalks Bring Down The House Lights
15 Born Animal Celebration Revolution
16 Tautologic RE:Psychle
17 Lindstrom It's Alright Between Us
18 Hazey Eyes Some Reason
19 Dan Croll Tokyo EP
20 Year of October Trouble Comes
21 Tory Sound Tory Sound
22 Caracoa End of Kings
23 Jim James Tribute To 2
24 Sidney Gish No Dogs Allowed
25 Haunt Club Volume One
26 Starbenders Julian EP
27 Peter Oren Anthropocene
28 The She's all female rock and roll quartet
29 AJ Ghent The Neo Blues Project
30 DEMAR Rebels

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