Charts for February 11th - February 20th
Artist Album
1 Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue
2 MGMT Little Dark Age
3 Spice Boys Glade
4 Tune-Yards I can feel you creep into my private life
5 Bark Bark Disco Holy Smokes
6 Ty Segall Freedom's Goblin
7 Remy Remy
8 Kyle Craft Full Circle Nightmare
9 Grand Analog Survival
10 Artichoke Echoes
11 Hovvdy Cranberry
12 Bahamas Earthtones
13 Crashing Hotels Exploration Exploitation
14 Anna Burch Quit The Curse
15 Caroline Rose LONER
16 Applesauce Tears Pastoral
17 Joan As Police Woman Damned Devotion
18 Loma Loma
19 Superchunk What A Time To Be Alive
20 Fovea Pencil Me In
21 Partials Glossolalia
22 Spirit of the Bear Fade Into Blue
23 Tennyson Uh Oh!
24 Born Animal Celebration Revolution
25 AJ Ghent The Neo Blues Project
26 Abhi the Nomad Marbled
27 Born Ruffians Uncle, Duke, & The Chief
28 Smokey Brights Come To Terms
30 Hockey Dad Blend Inn

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