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Jonesin' for Jones by Dale Watson (@Willie's Aug. 25) on pacochaos
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with Ben Southworth

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Artist Track Album Show Time
Animal Collective Jimmy Mack Painters EP bensouthworth 08:05 AM
Thundercat Them Changes (ft. Flying Lo... Drunk bensouthworth 08:02 AM
Johnny Conqueroo Grinding on Sand Washed Up bensouthworth 07:56 AM
The Feelies Flag Days In Between bensouthworth 07:52 AM
Delicate Steve Cartoon Rock This Is Steve bensouthworth 07:52 AM
ATTEMPT You Have Lived Personal Fables bensouthworth 07:46 AM
Jesca Hoop Pegasi Memories Are Now bensouthworth 07:05 AM
Idiot Glee Baby (I Could Be Your Bone) Idiot Glee bensouthworth 07:00 AM
The Pacifica Network Democracy Now! 2.24.2017 bensouthworth 09:00 AM
Allison Crutchfield I Don't Ever Wanna Leave Ca... Tourist In This Town bensouthworth 08:57 AM
Pavo Pavo A Quiet Time with Spaceman ... Young Narrator in the Breakers bensouthworth 08:55 AM
Maximón Splice If Yes Do bensouthworth 08:49 AM
The Wedding Present Bells Going, Going... bensouthworth 08:45 AM
Thee Oh Sees Unwrap the Friend, Pt. 1 An Odd Entrances bensouthworth 08:39 AM
Dad Shorts Tension in the Chicken Kitchen Slight Concussion bensouthworth 08:36 AM
Active Bird Community Out From Under Stick Around bensouthworth 08:33 AM
Ty Segall The Only One Ty Segall bensouthworth 08:29 AM
Pomegranates Friends Healing Power bensouthworth 08:25 AM
The War on Drugs An Ocean In Between the Waves Lost in the Dream bensouthworth 08:17 AM
Steve and Teresa Catching a Wave Catching a Wave bensouthworth 08:12 AM
Ezra Silhouettes Dog Days bensouthworth 08:09 AM
Delicate Steve Winners This Is Steve bensouthworth 08:06 AM
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau The Old Shade Tree Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau bensouthworth 07:58 AM
Mark Fosson When We Were Young kY bensouthworth 07:53 AM
Jens Lekman To Know Your Mission Life Will See You Now bensouthworth 07:48 AM
Father John Misty I Went to the Store One Day I Love You, Honeybear bensouthworth 07:41 AM
ATTEMPT You Have Lived Personal Fables bensouthworth 07:39 AM
Animal Collective Jimmy Mack Painters EP bensouthworth 07:33 AM
Kurt Vile Pretty Boy Parallelogram bensouthworth 07:25 AM
V/A Lord, You've Got the Nerve ... Further Ado - 2016 WRFL Liv... bensouthworth 07:20 AM
Various Artists Stronger (Garage Mahal) Chase Scene Themes bensouthworth 07:15 AM
Morricone Youth Clunes Town Mad Max bensouthworth 07:11 AM
Johnny Conqueroo Palindrone Washed Up bensouthworth 07:04 AM
V/A Cirkutry - Wait What White Power is for Dummies bensouthworth 08:58 AM
Pavement Newark Wilder Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain bensouthworth 08:56 AM
Brian Eno & David Byrne Help Me Somebody My Life in the Bush of Ghosts bensouthworth 08:53 AM
Palisades Poor Holidays Nervous Habits bensouthworth 08:46 AM
Goat I Sing in Silence Requiem bensouthworth 08:41 AM
John Wesley Coleman III See You Tomorrow Microwave Dreams bensouthworth 08:35 AM
Palisades & Big Fresh Nightdriving (Big Fresh) Signal Delayed EP bensouthworth 08:32 AM
Kurt Vile Goldtone Wakin' on a Pretty Daze bensouthworth 08:21 AM
The William Shakes Disasters in the Sun How Goes The Night? bensouthworth 08:16 AM
Englishman At 25 Unsafe & Sound bensouthworth 08:14 AM
Wooden Wand Mexican Coke Clipper Ship bensouthworth 08:08 AM
Japandroids No Known Drink or Drug Near to the Wild Heart of Life bensouthworth 08:06 AM
Jim James Here in Spirit Eternally Even bensouthworth 08:00 AM
Allison Crutchfield Dean's Room Tourist In This Town bensouthworth 07:55 AM
St. Lenox People from Different Cultures Ten Hymns From My American ... bensouthworth 07:52 AM
Matt Duncan Beacon Beacon bensouthworth 07:48 AM
Joshua Redman & Brad Mehldau Ornithology Nearness bensouthworth 07:38 AM