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Bits & Pieces

with Tyler Turcotte


Artist Track Album Show Time
The Myrrors Tea House Music Hasta La Victoria Bits & Pieces 03:23 PM
Casualties of Cool Daddy Casualties of Cool Bits & Pieces 03:18 PM
White Reaper Judy French The World's Best American Band Bits & Pieces 03:14 PM
Tom Dempsey w/Tim Ferguson ... Waltz New Waltz New Bits & Pieces 03:08 PM
Tom Dempsey w/Tim Ferguson ... Waltz New Waltz New Bits & Pieces 03:07 PM
Beethoven Allegro con Brio Symphony No. 7 Bits & Pieces 03:00 PM
Battles Inchworm Gloss Drop Bits & Pieces 02:55 PM
Anamanaguchi Planet Endless Fantasy Bits & Pieces 02:51 PM
Venetian Snares Hajnal Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett Bits & Pieces 02:42 PM
Sufjan Stevens Get Real Get Right The Age of Adz Bits & Pieces 02:38 PM
Bohren & Der Club of Gore Constant Fear Black Earth Bits & Pieces 02:37 PM
Animals as Leaders The Brain Dance The Madness of Many Bits & Pieces 02:28 PM
Chick Corea Captain Marvel The Musician Bits & Pieces 02:20 PM
Austin Wilkerson Worthy Altruisms Bits & Pieces 02:16 PM
Saint Etienne Whyteleafe Home Counties Bits & Pieces 02:14 PM
Koichi Sugiyama Peaceful Town Dragon Quest VIII OST Bits & Pieces 11:58 AM
Tetsuya Shibata Hammerhead Final Fantasy XV OST Bits & Pieces 11:55 AM
Tomoki Miyoshi Tender Glow I Am Setsuna OST Bits & Pieces 11:53 AM
Bela Bartok Evening in the Village Hungarian Sketches Bits & Pieces 11:49 AM
Joe Hisaishi One Fine Morning Ni No Kuni OST Bits & Pieces 11:45 AM
Yoko Shimomura Hometown Xenoblade Chronicles OST Bits & Pieces 11:39 AM
Masashi Hamauzu Dust to Dust Final Fantasy XIII OST Bits & Pieces 11:39 AM
Masashi Hamauzu The Hanging Edge Final Fantasy XIII OST Bits & Pieces 11:31 AM
Tri-Crescendo Sound Team Relaxing Place Eternal Sonata OST Bits & Pieces 11:27 AM
Shoji Meguro Signs of Love Persona 4 OST Bits & Pieces 11:25 AM
Noriyuki Iwadare Song of Freedom Fighters Radiata Stories OST Bits & Pieces 11:21 AM
Yukihiro Jindo Trading Town of Redmont Ys: The Oath in Felghana OST Bits & Pieces 11:17 AM
FALCOM Sound Team Local District Rolent Legend of Heroes: Trails in... Bits & Pieces 11:13 AM
Yoshito Hirano, Yuka Tsujiyoko Rogueport Paper Mario & The Thousand ... Bits & Pieces 11:10 AM
Tomohito Nishiura Palm Brinks/Rainbow Butterf... Dark Cloud 2 OST Bits & Pieces 11:07 AM
Tri-Ace Sound Team Pert Girl on the Sandy Beach Star Ocean Til The End of T... Bits & Pieces 11:04 AM
Yoko Shimomura Traverse Town Kingdom Hearts OST Bits & Pieces 11:02 AM
Camelot Sound Team An Adept's Home Golden Sun OST Bits & Pieces 10:59 AM
Nautilus Sound Team Town of Twilight Shadow Hearts 2 OST Bits & Pieces 10:56 AM
Nobuo Uematsu The Sight of Spira Final Fantasy X OST Bits & Pieces 10:53 AM
Yutaka Minobe & Tatsuyuki M... Air Pirate Island Skies of Arcadia OST Bits & Pieces 10:50 AM
Toshiko Tasaki Seven Sisters High School A Persona 2 OST Bits & Pieces 10:48 AM
Dennis Martin Village of Tragedy Legend of Dragoon OST Bits & Pieces 10:47 AM
Square Sound Team Home Aruni Village Chrono Cross OST Bits & Pieces 10:41 AM
Yasunori Mitsuda My Village is Number One Xenogears OST Bits & Pieces 10:37 AM
Noriyuki Iwadare Crowded Street Corner Lunar 2 Complete OST Bits & Pieces 10:34 AM
Squaresoft Sound Team Lurking in the Darkness Final Fantasy VII OST Bits & Pieces 10:32 AM
Michiko Naruke Abbey Wild Arms OST Bits & Pieces 10:29 AM
Motoi Sakuraba Innocence Star Ocean OST Bits & Pieces 10:26 AM
Jeremy Soule Cecil's Town Secret of Evermore OST Bits & Pieces 10:25 AM
Konami Sound Team Beautiful Golden City Suikoden OST Bits & Pieces 10:23 AM
Yasunori Shiono Theme of Town Lufia 2 OST Bits & Pieces 10:18 AM
Yasunori Mitsuda Peaceful Days Chrono Trigger OST Bits & Pieces 10:15 AM
Junichi Masuda Pewter City's Theme Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow OST Bits & Pieces 10:10 AM
Hiroki Kikuta The Color of the Summer Sky Secret of Mana OST Bits & Pieces 10:05 AM