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Bits & Pieces

with Tyler Turcotte


Artist Track Album Show Time
Tokuhiko Uwabo Town 1 Phantasy Star 2 OST Bits & Pieces 10:03 AM
Nobuo Uematsu City Theme Final Fantasy OST Bits & Pieces 10:02 AM
Koichi Sugiyama Townspeople Dragon Quest OST Bits & Pieces 10:01 AM
Keigo Hoashi Amusement Park Nier Automata OST Bits & Pieces 11:57 AM
Yoshito Hirano, Yuka Tsujiyoko Mario VS. Dooplis Paper Mario & The Thousand ... Bits & Pieces 11:55 AM
NOFX Stickin' in My Eye Single Bits & Pieces 11:55 AM
Jun Senoue Escape From the City Sonic Adventure 2 Battle OST Bits & Pieces 11:54 AM
L.A. Reid Every Little Step (Instrume... Don't Be Cruel Bits & Pieces 11:51 AM
Masato Nakamura Spring Yard Zone Sonic the Hedgehog OST Bits & Pieces 11:48 AM
Anamanaguchi John Hughes Endless Fantasy Bits & Pieces 11:45 AM
toby fox Hopes and Dreams Undertale OST Bits & Pieces 11:41 AM
Kenji Yamamoto and Minako H... Crateria - Zebes Planetfall... Super Metroid OST Bits & Pieces 11:40 AM
Jake Kaufman Of Devious Machinations Shovel Knight OST Bits & Pieces 11:37 AM
Capcom Sound Team Metalman Stage Megaman 2 OST Bits & Pieces 11:32 AM
Joseph Haydn Divertimento with Harpsicho... Hob XIV 9 Bits & Pieces 11:31 AM
Miki Higashino Royal Palace Consultation Suikoden OST Bits & Pieces 11:27 AM
Arnold Schoenberg II. Five Pieces for Orchestra Bits & Pieces 11:23 AM
Unknown Cafe Accordeon A Stroll in Paris Bits & Pieces 11:17 AM
Tomohito Nishiura London Streets Professor Layton OST Bits & Pieces 11:15 AM
Keiichi Okabe Yonah (Piano Version) Nier Gestalt/Replicant OST Bits & Pieces 11:10 AM
Nobuo Uematsu Dead Music Final Fantasy OST Bits & Pieces 11:09 AM
Yasunori Mitsuda We, the Wounded, Shall Adva... Xenogears OST Bits & Pieces 11:06 AM
Bach Jesu, Meine Freude BWV 227 Bits & Pieces 11:04 AM
Hiroshi Yamaguchi One Of a Kind Bayonetta OST Bits & Pieces 10:59 AM
Carl Orff O Fortuna Carmina Burana Bits & Pieces 10:56 AM
Nobuo Uematsu One Winged Angel Final Fantasy VII OST Bits & Pieces 10:50 AM
Igor Stravinsky Sacrificial Dance The Rite of Spring Bits & Pieces 10:43 AM
Animals as Leaders Arithmophobia The Madness of Many Bits & Pieces 10:39 AM
Jun Ishikawa Money Machine Kirby Planet Robobot OST Bits & Pieces 10:38 AM
All That Remains Two Weeks Overcome Bits & Pieces 10:33 AM
Jamie Christopherson It Has to Be This Way Metal Gear Rising: Revengan... Bits & Pieces 10:29 AM
Dream Theater Overture 1928 Metropolis Pt. 2 Bits & Pieces 10:28 AM
Blizzard Heaven's Devils Starcraft II OST Bits & Pieces 10:22 AM
Nintendo Sound Team Story Music Box Yoshi's Story OST Bits & Pieces 10:19 AM
toby fox Metal Crusher Undertale OST Bits & Pieces 10:18 AM
Red Army Choir Korobeiniki Traditional Bits & Pieces 10:14 AM
Shoji Meguro The Hut on Fowl's Legs Catherine OST Bits & Pieces 10:12 AM
Mussorgsky The Hut on Fowl's Legs Pictures At An Exhibition Bits & Pieces 10:09 AM
Martin O'Donnell & Michael ... Halo Halo OST Bits & Pieces 10:06 AM
Unknown Deum Verum Gregorian Chant Bits & Pieces 10:04 AM
Squaresoft Sound Team Opening Final Fantasy VI OST Bits & Pieces 10:02 AM
Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra 2001: A Space Odyssey Sound... Bits & Pieces 10:00 AM
Shoji Meguro, Lyn Last Surprise Persona 5 OST Bits & Pieces 11:58 AM
Masashi Hamauzu Battle Theme World of Final Fantasy OST Bits & Pieces 11:57 AM
Square-Enix Sound Team Stand Your Ground Final Fantasy XV OST Bits & Pieces 11:52 AM
Tomoki Miyoshi No Turning Back I Am Setsuna OST Bits & Pieces 11:50 AM
Yoshiaki Fujisawa Normal Battle Tokyo Mirage Session OST Bits & Pieces 11:47 AM
Toby Fox Enemy Approaching Undertale OST Bits & Pieces 11:44 AM
Sound Horizon Bell of Battle Bravely Default OST Bits & Pieces 11:41 AM
ACE+ Those Who Bear Their Name Xenoblade Chronicles OST Bits & Pieces 11:38 AM