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seven seas by Pomegranate on Against the Grain
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with Elizabeth J. Hadley

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sad white girl indie rock

sad white girl indie rock

Artist Track Album Show Time
Los Campesinos! The Fall of Home Sick Scenes ejhadley 11:36 PM
Los Campesinos! The Fall of Home Sick Scenes ejhadley 11:36 PM
For the Crown Hands Where I Can See Them Lady Parts! ejhadley 11:31 PM
Jesse Hard Sky Hard Sky ejhadley 11:24 PM
Speedy Ortiz Raising the Skate Foil Deer ejhadley 11:20 PM
Algiers Cleveland The Underside of Power ejhadley 11:16 PM
Francois Virot Casscade Kisses Yes or No ejhadley 11:11 PM
Guantanamo Baywatch Area 69 Desert Center ejhadley 11:08 PM
Like Like the the the Death Tyrant Science Cave Jenny ejhadley 11:05 PM
Sonic Youth Youth Against Fascism Dirty ejhadley 11:01 PM
the Catch Wait Get Cool ejhadley 10:57 PM
Electrelane I Want to Be the President Singles, B-Sides & Live ejhadley 10:52 PM
Jamaican Queens (@Zanzabar,... Emo + Poor Downers ejhadley 10:47 PM
Shadowlands Clean Life PDX Pop Now! 2017 ejhadley 10:40 PM
So Many Dynamos Friendarmy The Loud Wars ejhadley 10:35 PM
Soft Vision Panorama White Power Is for Dummies ejhadley 10:32 PM
Le Tigre Seconds This Island ejhadley 10:28 PM
Prism Tats Prole Pop 11:11 ejhadley 10:24 PM
of Montreal Forecast Fascist Future The Sunlandic Twins ejhadley 10:20 PM
Girl Ray Cutting Shapes Earl Grey ejhadley 10:16 PM
Teen Vice White Guilt Saddest Summer ejhadley 10:11 PM
Elliott Smith A Distorted Reality Is Now ... From a Basement on the Hill ejhadley 10:06 PM
Pavement Fight This Generation Wowee Zowee ejhadley 10:01 PM
Mirah with the Black Cat Or... Bella Ciao To All We Stretch the Open Arm ejhadley 09:59 PM
Superchunk Low F I Hate Music ejhadley 11:55 PM
the Mountain Goats FM Sweden ejhadley 11:52 PM
the Halo Benders Phantom Power Don't Tell Me Now ejhadley 11:51 PM
Harvey Danger Jack the Lion Where Have All the Merrymak... ejhadley 11:45 PM
Japanese Breakfast Boyish Soft Sounds From Another Pl... ejhadley 11:40 PM
Sebadoh Hoppin' Up and Down III ejhadley 11:36 PM
Dad Shorts Slipper Staring Slight Concussion ejhadley 11:31 PM
Park Ave. She Teaches Art? When Jamie Went to London..... ejhadley 11:27 PM
Parsons Rocket Project Exit Launch Parsons Rocket Project ejhadley 11:25 PM
the xx Missing Coexist ejhadley 11:21 PM
Broken Social Scene Victim Lover Hug of Thunder ejhadley 11:16 PM
DWNTWN Bloodshot Eyes Racing Time ejhadley 11:11 PM
Tame Impala Jeremy's Storm Innerspeaker ejhadley 11:05 PM
Shinichi Osawa Dreamhunt The One ejhadley 11:00 PM
Lisa Prank Why Can't We Just Dance? Adult Teen ejhadley 10:56 PM
Islands Jogging Gorgeous Summer Return to the Sea ejhadley 10:53 PM
Coca Leaf New Soft Dawn Deep Marble Sunrise ejhadley 10:46 PM
Neutral Milk Hotel Naomi On Avery Island ejhadley 10:39 PM
Sonic Youth Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit Dirty ejhadley 10:35 PM
NonCompliant Give It a Rest Lady Parts! ejhadley 10:31 PM
Tristen Lions Sneaker Waves ejhadley 10:25 PM
Hope for Agoldensummer Midwest I Bought a Heart Made of Ar... ejhadley 10:21 PM
Jen Cloher Great Australian Bite Jen Cloher ejhadley 10:16 PM
Arcade Fire Creature Comfort Everything Now ejhadley 10:10 PM
Blonde Redhead Equus Misery Is a Butterfly ejhadley 10:06 PM
Gwenno Calon Peiriant Y Dydd Olaf ejhadley 10:01 PM