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Three Weeks by Perpetual Groove on Mike After Midnight
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with Julianna Dantzer

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Artist Track Album Show Time
Walter Etc. Dumb Angel Gloom Cruise Julianna 06:58 AM
Dearly Beloved Who Wants to Know? Admission Julianna 06:54 AM
Church Girls Better Off Hidalgo Julianna 06:50 AM
Lovely Bad Things Teenage Grownups Teenage Grownups Julianna 06:47 AM
Iron & Wine Thomas County Law Beast Epic Julianna 06:41 AM
Monk Parker Crown of Sparrows Crown of Sparrows Julianna 06:35 AM
Jolie Holland & Samantha Pa... You Are Not Needed Now Wildflower Blues Julianna 06:31 AM
Big Thief Paul Masterpiece Julianna 06:28 AM
Caroline Says Winter is Cold 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't... Julianna 06:24 AM
Common Deer Wait! II Julianna 06:20 AM
Oh Pep! The Race Stadium Cake Julianna 06:17 AM
Pinegrove Then Again Cardinal Julianna 06:13 AM
Angelo De Augustine On My Way Home Swim Inside The Moon Julianna 06:09 AM
Lady Lamb Crane Your Neck Ripely Pine Julianna 06:03 AM
Mean Lady Bop Bop Love Now Julianna 05:57 AM
A Giant Dog Night Terror Toy Julianna 05:54 AM
Royal Blood Ten Tonne Skeleton Royal Blood Julianna 05:51 AM
Queens of the Stone Age Feet Don't Fail Me Villains Julianna 05:47 AM
Foxygen Shuggie We are the 21st Century Amb... Julianna 05:40 AM
Minor Poet Judith Beheading Holofernes And How! Julianna 05:37 AM
Tender What Got in the Way Modern Addiction Julianna 05:33 AM
The Safes Nobody Cares Anymore Tasty Waves Julianna 05:30 AM
The Cure The Lovecats Greatest Hits Julianna 05:24 AM
Manhattan Murder Mystery Too Tough to Survive Dumb Julianna 05:19 AM
Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone Violent Femmes Julianna 05:16 AM
The Yawpers A Decision is Made Boy In A Well Julianna 05:14 AM
Passion Pit I'm Perfect Tremendous Sea of Love Julianna 05:10 AM
Grizzly Bear Systole Painted Ruins Julianna 05:07 AM
Lomelda Thx Thx Julianna 05:05 AM
ALVVAYS Your Type Antisocialites Julianna 05:04 AM
Camp Cope Lost: Season One Camp Cope Julianna 04:57 AM
Various Artists Hands Where I Can See Them ... Lady Parts! Julianna 06:54 AM
Daniel Caesar Hold Me Down Freudian Julianna 06:51 AM
Bob & Gene I Can Be Cool If This World Were Mine Julianna 06:48 AM
Cloud Control Mum's Spaghetti Zone Julianna 06:41 AM
Krrum Hard On You Evil Twin EP Julianna 06:37 AM
St. Vincent Digital Witness St. Vincent Julianna 06:33 AM
The Bombay Royale Ballygrunge Run Kitty Run Julianna 06:30 AM
Joni Mitchell California Blue Julianna 06:24 AM
Mosquitoes This Town Mexican Dust Julianna 06:21 AM
Girlpool 123 Powerplant Julianna 06:18 AM
The Yawpers Armistice Day Boy In A Well Julianna 06:13 AM
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats MWAH! Groovin In Greaseland Julianna 06:09 AM
The Districts Ordinary Day Popular Manipulations Julianna 06:04 AM
Caroline Says I Think I'm Alone Now 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't... Julianna 06:01 AM
Walter Etc. Dumb Angel Gloom Cruise Julianna 05:58 AM
Guanatanamo Baywatch Neglect Desert Center Julianna 05:54 AM
Queen Moo What It Comes To Mean Well Julianna 05:52 AM
Speedy Ortiz Raising the Skate Foil Deer Julianna 05:50 AM
Downtown Boys Promissory Note Cost of Living Julianna 05:44 AM