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Beat Awfuls

Lexington locals Beat Awfuls continues WRFL’s Sunburn series at Al’s Bar on July 6th!

WRFL continues their Sunburn series with lo-fi rock and roll group Beat Awfuls at Al’s Bar on Thursday, July 6th with doors opening at 7PM. Tickets to this show are free.

Beat Awfuls is a Lexington local band created by Boston native Dave Cave and joined by bassist Dr. Paul and drummer Amanda Sue. The group started in the 2000s and started self-releasing EPs which where then compiled and released as “Beat Awfuls, People’s Champ Anthology 2005-2011” on the label Primordial Sounds. More recently, they have toured the United States and Canada, and have released their first full length album, “Nothing Happens” in 2016 with the indie label Jurassic Pop.

Beat Awfuls is the third of four in the Sunburn series which will carry out through the end of July and finish with Big Fresh on July 20th