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RiFLe – WRFL’s Zine

RiFLe is WRFL’s long-running zine publication that started a year before the station’s first FM radio broadcast in 1988. Since its launch in 1987 as RiFLe Comix (the name “RiFLe” was derived from “RFL”/“Radio Free Lexington”), the zine has featured articles, reviews, stories, poetry, comics, photography, art, games and more, created by WRFL and the people who call the station their home and friend.

New issues of RiFLe are printed tri-annually, corresponding to WRFL’s ever-changing, seasonal show schedule. Physical copies of the zine are distributed locally to WRFL’s underwriters and can also be found outside the station doors in the UK student center. RiFLe is, and has always been, free for all.

Browse the RiFLe digital library and check out the storied history of WRFL and Lexington’s independent music scene.

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