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Local Artist: The Last Origin

The Last Origin isn’t the newest action blockbuster – it’s the indie rock band that performed on WRFL Live, Wednesday night. The band played some of their old and newer songs, including, “Morning Sun,” “Your Car,” “Tired Eyes,” “Michigan,” “American in Paris,” “Lungs,” and “Fine By Me.”

Band members include: John Anderson- Vocals, lead guitar Kenny Tayce- Drums Steve Pierce- Bass Emma Treganowan- Guitar

The Last Origin has a cool sound with complex and interesting parts for every instrument. The result is music that’s fun, danceable and given life by the band’s energetic connection and performance. The band is influenced by the Beatles, Mac Demarco, the Black Keys and Young the Giant, all of whom come through in their performance.

“I’m trying to get each instrument to kind of have its own voice and function in the music but it all comes together in like a rounded way,” said Anderson. The Last Origin is soon putting out their second album, “All We Have is Rock & Roll And Then We Die.” Anderson says that the album deals with everyday life.