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Local Artist: Jack Holiday & the Westerners

Louisville-based rock band, Jack Holiday & the Westerners, came down to Lexington on April 18 to rock out on WRFL Live. The band played a collection of their songs, including, “Prologue.”

Band members include:

Scott Whitehouse- Vocals and keys

Lamar Cornett- Drums

Zach Groves- Guitar

Ben Short- Bass

Jack Holiday- Nonexistent

Jack Holiday & the Westerners’ sound combines heavy rock ‘n’ roll with keys that sound straight out of a classic arcade game. The band describes their music as, “Freak Folk Rock.” According to the band, their album, “Unsung Hero,” follows a science-fiction rock opera storyline.

There is no one named Jack Holiday in the band, though frontman, Scott Whitehouse, says that 90 per cent of people call him Jack. Whitehouse is an eccentric performer. Armed with an upside down Nike sweatband and his gravely voice, Whitehouse delivered ant off-the-walls performance. Even in a small studio he danced around as if he were in front of a sold out arena. Whitehouse attributes his theatrical charisma to his past as a child actor. He says theatre helped inspire him to get into music.

“It was like, if I play original music, I’m going to get to directly express myself in whatever way I see fit, at any point unapologetically,” said Whitehouse. “And if I play rock ‘n’ roll, that means we get to do that loud and aggressive? Sold.”

Jack Holiday & the Westerners will be playing the Forecastle Music Festival in July. The band is also working on recording a second album that they promise to be more “raw” and “eccentric.” Jack Holiday & the Westerners’ debut album “Unsung Hero,” is available now.