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Local Artist: Jone$y

Local rappers, Jone$y (pronounced Jonesy), DS10t (pronounced “Distant”) and FreDD c. delivered a high energy performance on WRFL Live, on Wednesday April 4. Jone$y is promoting his upcoming debut album, “Past Year.” Jone$y performed his songs “Past Year,” “Don’t Play,” “No Joke,” “The Realest,” “March n’ Man,” “Aye,” “Glow,” and “Done Changed,” as well as his single, with over 30,000 plays on Spotify, “859.” DS10t impressively rapped his fast-paced track, “From Me, For Me.” Fredd C. took to the mic to expertly rap his songs “Eo8” and “Brothers.”

Center: Jone$y Left: DS10t Back: Fredd C.

Each rapper demonstrated their unique style and flow. Jone$y’s rapping is quick and intense. He channels whichever emotion he wants to convey through the song and reflects it in his tone. Jone$y’s music showcases the spectrum of human emotion and experience, from party anthems like “859” to the more serious “No Joke.” Jone$y creates music to connect with people. “There’s nothing like the energy you get from a crowd that’s really digging your vibe,” said Jone$y.

His upcoming album “Past Year” is meant to reflect all the emotions felt within one year. Jone$y draws influence from artists, P.O.S., Organized Konfusion and Behemoth. DS10t’s style is quick, lyrical and fast-paced, like the rapper Watsky. He noted artistic influences from Kendrick Lamar, Drake Tupac and David Bowie. DS10t is working on an upcoming project, “Trauma.”

FreDD c.’s cadence and voice sound similar to Kendrick Lamar. He is influenced by Lil Wayne and Eminem. FreDD c. says he believes every artist develops their own unique style because they hear and process things differently. Jone$y’s debut album, “Past Year,” drops May 8. He also is putting out two new singles soon.