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Local Artist: Vena Cava

After a last-minute cancellation by another band, Vena Cava saved the day by coming in to perform on WRFL Live on Wednesday the 11th. The band played their songs, “Goats in Omaha,” “Fishbones,” “Blue Lady,” “Lil Drinkypoo,” “Foxtrot 44,” and, “Spirit Canvas.”

Band members include:

Josh Clouse- Lead guitar

Adam Potter- Drums

Josh Thompson- Bass

Derek Long- Guitar

Vena Cava is an instrumental progressive rock band out of Lexington. Their name is the latin word for the largest vein in the heart. Vena Cava doesn’t need lyrics- with a solid drum beat and expert strings, they let their instruments convey everything.

“We had the idea of having a vocalist at one point,” said lead guitarist, Josh Clouse. “We were gonna go with it and everything and it got to the point where we had all these people telling us to go instrumental because it was just there, that’s what they were hearing mostly.”

Vena Cava’s music is absolutely electric. Their music is immersive, with the absence of lyrics allowing the listener to pay attention instead to the raw skill of the band members and the brilliance behind their compositions. Clouse’s talent on lead guitar is astounding to watch live as he quickly and meticulously picks the songs’ intricate chords.

The band has been together for about a year now, and they say are beginning to get in sync. Clouse and Potter have worked on other projects with each other in the past and together write the band’s music. The two work well together, building off each other’s work. Potter says that each track carries its own vibe. Clouse says he can remember where he was and how he felt when each song was written. Every member has a deep love for music, which is certainly heard in their sound.

“Music is my favorite form of expression, to be totally honest,” said bass player, Josh Thompson.

“I’ve always just been enamored with music,” said guitarist, Derek Long. Long says he enjoys challenging himself with music, to perfect his performance.

Vena Cava has a four track EP out now titled, “Ethos.” The band plans on recording their first full length album in July.