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Local Artist: Watkins

Nashville band, Watkins, delivered a fantastic performance on WRFL Live, on Wednesday the 25. The self-described experimental rock band played a collection of songs off their album, “Interstate of Mind,” including, “Heaven on Earth,” “Rainy Daze,” “Nocturnal,” “Sweet Release,” “Shooting Stars,” “Night Drive,” “Hold Up!” “Letting Go,” and, “Assessing The Situation.”

Band members include: Taylor Watkins- Vocals and guitar James Muller- Lead guitar Scott Harris- Drums Connor Gravley-Novello- Bass

With a twinge of folkiness, Watkins aims to combine elements of psychedelic rock with modern blues pop. For their performance on WRFL Live the band went acoustic which really let their Nashville roots shine. Singer and University of Kentucky student, Taylor Watkins’ voice is charming and smooth. James Muller’s guitar skills bring an old school rock flair to the music.

The album, “Interstate of Mind,” is written to be an inside glance of lead singer, Taylor Watkins’ mind.

“The whole album has that narrative, the whole album is just a step into my mind,” said Taylor Watkins. “And it’s really just the struggle over the last few years of just trying to get my mindset where it is and dealing with all sorts of stuff and just, kind of, my realizations along the way and finally just, kind of like, over the hill onto the sunshine side of things and that’s what the album is here to bring.”

The entire album is designed and ordered to flow naturally from one song to the next. The band says the album tells a self-reflective story with a wide range of emotions.

Watkins is currently working on promoting their album. The band is planning to perform plenty in Lexington over the next while.

“Now that we’re finally out here like actually playing it’s so fun, it’s just so worth it,” said drummer, Scott Harris.

The Watkins members look forward to growing and making more music together.

“I think it’s only going to get better from here,” said Taylor Watkins. “I think we’re going to grow exponentially and this next album is going to have more touches of everybody and we’re going to be a lot more thought out.”

You can find Watkins on most social media under the username, @thebandwatkins. Their album, “Interstate of Mind,” is available now.