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Local Artist: Blueprints and Elements

On Wednesday, May 16, Covington rock band, Blueprints and Elements, performed on WRFL Live. The band played a mix of their old songs and songs off their upcoming album, including, “Water,” “Forsythia,” and “Spiderweb.”

Band members include:

Elijah Batson- Singer, guitar

Hunter Haney- Bass

Noah Gillman- Drums

Blueprints and Elements has a chill garage rock sound, reminiscent of music from the 90’s and early 2000’s. The songs’ lyrics have largely to do with themes of nature. The band is influenced by The National, Arcade Fire, Mike Mains & The Branches and Me Without You.

Blueprints and Elements is a project that UK student and lead singer and songwriter, Elijah Batson, has been working on since 2015. The band has gone through a number of changes in lineup. Haney and Gillman joined the band this past winter, with Haney learning how to play bass for this project.

“I used to be a roadie,” said Haney. “I used to carry everything. But then [Batson] needed a bass player so I learned bass.” He said he picked up a bass for the first time just a few months before his first show.

“We’ve just been friends for such a long time and he was coming to all the shows and helping me load in and doing roadie stuff and I was like, ‘He might as well be in the band,‘” said Batson.

A majority of Blueprints and Elements’ music has been made by Batson playing and recording the different instruments himself. Recently, Batson has gotten friends to help lend their instrumental talents and recording equipment to his music. Batson records a lot of his music in his bedroom and edits on his MacBook. The band has signed onto Clam Jam Records and will be producing their future music with them.

Blueprints and Elements is getting ready to put out their first fully produced album, “The Architecture of Anarchy,” on June 1st. It will be available on Bandcamp and all major streaming services. You can find them on most social media.