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Local Artist: People Planet

People Planet has out-of-this-world talent. The local band performed on WRFL Live on Wednesday, June 6, playing a collection of their songs, including, “Moment of Silence,” “Not Me,” and “Blues Boy.”

Band members include:

Daisy Helmuth- Vocals and guitar

Charlie Overman- Lead guitar

Madeline Farrar- Bass

Jack Quinn- Drums

People Planet has their own light rock sound with subtle country influences. The band is at their best with their songs about relationships and heartbreak such as, “Moment of Silence.” It is in these songs that People Planet’s marvelous blues undertones come through. Daisy Helmuth’s vocals have a smooth jazz-like quality that brings wonderful emotion to the music. Charlie Overman plays the lead guitar as if it were second nature to him, providing a great classic rock sound. Jack Quinn, who comes from a family of musicians, provides a solid performance on the drums to the music. Madeline Farrar brings her lifelong experience on violin to the bass, which she learned for the band.

“That’s what I love about her bass,” said Helmuth about Farrar’s talent. “Because she’s classically trained on the violin and she translates that and it’s really cool.”

Daisy Helmuth writes all of the band’s music herself. She has a great knack for writing both great compositions and lyrics that stay in your head. The rest of the band follows her lead, contributing their skills to her creativity. Watching the band perform, it’s clear they enjoy jamming together.

“I just find it so fun to play music,” said Jack Quinn. “If I could do anything for fun it would be drumming. So that’s my motivation.”

Though still in high school, People Planet has already played venues such as The Burl, Al’s Bar and the Moon Tower Music Festival. Most of the band members come from families of musicians who support their work and help them make connections in the local music scene.

“We have parents who have been doing this their entire lives,” said Helmuth. “Who have bands in Lexington who have been playing around. So they know us and they know our parents and they trust their judgement.”

It will be interesting for local music listeners to watch People Planet and its members grow and refine their already fantastic art.

People Planet is working on album that they hope to release by the end of the summer.