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Local Artist: The Ego Trippers

Louisville rock band, The Ego Trippers, came to play on WRFL Live on Wednesday, August 8. The band played a collection of songs off their self-titled EP, “The Ego Trippers,” including, “All Night Long,” and “Pretty Bird,” as well as songs they’re working on, such as, “80’s Chick Flicks.”

Band members include:

Zac Anderson- Lead vocals and guitar

Izak Cirillo- Bass

Donnie Haines- Drums

The Ego Trippers have a late 90’s to early 2000’s garage rock sound with a bit of pop rock. The band says they are influenced by other bands, including Nirvana, Pearl Jam and The Killers. Lead singer and guitarist, Zac Anderson, says he writes, “Dirty pop songs.”

“I just like a good hook and then I like to make it a little nasty,” said Anderson.

The Ego Trippers have been together for about four years. The band came together during their junior year of high school. Since then, The Ego Trippers have been playing gigs around Louisville, and they say they’re about to start playing more serious shows. Zac Anderson mentioned The Ego Trippers will be playing at LRS Fest along with Post Animal, Daddy Issues, GRLwood, Anemic Royalty, as well as various other bands on October 6 at the Brown-Forman Amphitheater in Louisville.

“I’ve seen Post Animal a handful of times and every time it’s amazing,” said Anderson.

The band’s self-titled EP, “The Ego Trippers,” is available to purchase or stream now.