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Local Artist: Forrest

“It’s like Forrest Gump but without the Gump.”

Lexington, instrumental-progressive-sludge-metal-band, Forrest came to play on WRFL Live on Wednesday, October 3. They just came out with their new album, “Kickball With Russians” and played some songs off of it, including, “(I Dream of) Kickball With Russians,” “Bubba,” “Intensity of Frenchness” (inspired by TortorRo, a favorite French instrumental band of theirs), “Dan,” and “My Son Looks Just Like Me.”

Band members include:

Riley Logan- Lead Guitar/Composer

Josh Summerville- Drums

Charlie Overman- Rhythm Guitar/Synthesizer

Jared McIntire- Bass

Forrest came together in March of 2017 and has released two albums since. They describe themselves as a sludgy-post rock, with progressive punk rock influences, made up of instrumentals. They claim that their sound is a little slower than most progressive rock, and they sound closer to stoner thrash, dirty, swampy, slow rock styles. They are the perfect band for first time metal listeners.

Although their personal playlists consist of a variety of different music genres, they incorporate a variety into their own music.

“That’s the beauty of instrumental music,” said one band member.

Some of their favorite bands are Ivy Rye, Swamp Hawk, Vena Cava, Mastodon, Ponderosa, and Sleep.

Most of their songs are improvisational pieces on top of what lead guitarist, Riley Logan, composes. They write their songs knowing what emotional vibe they want to convey. Although they want a song to sound a certain way, one of the things they enjoy most about playing instrumentals is, “Allowing the listener to decide for themselves how they feel about it, rather than vocals and lyrics telling them how to feel through melodies and rhythm.”

Forrest has an upcoming show at Al’s Bar on October 15th, as a part of the Local Artists series.