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The Dreaded Laramie drop video for “Daffodils & Love”

A pug, a gym class parachute and Greek mythology. What more could you want in a music video?

Self described “crunchy pop band,” The Dreaded Laramie, just dropped a music video for their first single Daffodils & Love.

“This song is meant to be a contemporary adaptation of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, the myth of Hades kidnapping Persephone, specifically from the perspective of Persephone,” said The Dreaded Laramie’s frontwoman/guitar player, M.C. Cunningham.

“Even more specifically, the song is meant to hone in on the discrepancies between the narrator’s account of the kidnapping and the account that Persephone tells to her mother, Demeter. In short: Persephone tells her mom that she was kidnapped and held hostage against her will, but in the narrative she is a lot more willing and enthusiastic about the whole situation. So, the song is an attempt to capture the fascinating transformation of Persephone from a timid child-goddess into the awe-inspiring queen of the underworld, but reflected in the contemporary experience of a woman who goes to a bar nervous and alone.”

The video for Daffodils & Love was made by Manuel Lagos Jr., William McClatchey and Wil Kelly, with drone work by Mike Sheetz. It features colorful costumes and backdrops, a pastel gym class parachute and a very cute and extremely talented pug. Seriously, the pug’s performance is breathtaking.

Cunningham is a UK graduate student, working on her doctorate in philosophy. She specializes in ancient Greek thought, which influences a lot of the band’s music. The rest of the band lives in Nashville, Tennessee. The Dreaded Laramie also features the talents of Zach Anderson on guitar, Drew Swisher on bass and Wil Kelly on drums.

The Dreaded Laramie says they’re influenced by bands like Weezer, St. Vincent and No Doubt. The band’s indie-pop-meets-rock sound and Cunningham’s dreamy vocals will appeal to fans of Haley Heynderickx, illuminati hotties, Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy.

This is only the band’s first showing, an I’m looking forward to seeing where they go next. Let’s just hope wherever that is, it’s better than the underworld.

The Dreaded Laramie’s first single, “Daffodils & Love” is available on most platforms now. You can watch the music video here.

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