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The Hottest Riffs of Summer 2019

It’s over 90 degrees in Lexington this week! The only thing hotter than this Kentucky summer are these flaming riffs you’ll hear on shows like “Something Completely Different” on WRFL. Here are the hottest riffs of summer 2019.

Ex Hex- “Rainbow Shiner”

The D.C. queens of throwback rock ‘n’ roll are back with their second studio album, “It’s Real” and the second track starts with a tasty lick that MELTS my face even more than stepping outside. Like a dragon breathing molten lava fire in an 80’s music video hot!

Fuming Mouth- “Burning Hand”

Anybody who listens to hardcore/metal knows Kurt Ballou is a master producer, and he hit another home run with how raw Fuming Mouth’s fantastic debut album, “The Grand Descent,” is. That NASTY bend-and-slide intro is an elephant march into hell, which is what summer currently feels like!

PUP- “See You At Your Funeral”

The catchiness of the SYAYF riff is partially hinged on how well it transitions from the previous song on PUP’s great third album, “Morbid Stuff.” This modern era of Beach Boys-inspired pop punk is perfect for the summer!

Laura Stevenson- “Low Slow”

The beautiful acoustic guitar line with which Stevenson anchors “Low Slow” is the perfect dismount to the sonic finale of “The Big Freeze.” It may seem like soft coffeehouse music, but her tacit two-finger plucking is red hot!

Emmy Blotnick- “Max Martin”

Little clever wordplay for you, but New York comedian Emmy Blotnick has a great riff about how one Swedish man in his 40’s writes all the mainstream pop songs that made me really appreciate WRFL. Check out her comedy album “Party Nights” if you’re a fan of good joke writing.

Tune in to Stephen Hicks’ show, “Something Completely Different” on Wednesdays 10 p.m. to midnight on WRFL. “It’s the show that plays the Monty Python sound byte.”

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