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Meet the DJs- Colonel Paco Chaos, “The Pacobilly Hour”

WRFL would like for you to meet Kevin Martinez- but you may know him better as Colonel Paco Chaos, the DJ behind WRFL’s The Pacobilly Hour.

You can tune in to his show on Wednesdays from 10pm to midnight.

How long have you been a WRFL DJ?

7 years.

Do you have any frequent guests/co-hosts?

No, I fly solo.

Why did you join WRFL?

I wanted to play music that I don’t regularly hear on mainstream radio, and it’s fun.

What do you play on your show?

Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Jump Blues, Doo Wop, Western Swing, Honky Tonk, Garage, Surf.

Why do you play what you do on your show?

I play the earliest styles of Rock ‘N’ Roll and the music that influenced it, as well as related genres that followed in it’s footsteps like garage, surf, Neo-Rockabilly, and psychobilly.

Who are some of your favorite musical artists?

Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Sex Pistols, DEVO, The Ramones, X, The Cramps, L7, Chuck Berry, Nine Pound Hammer, City Mouse, The Yellow Belts, JD McPherson, Nikki Hill, Jittery Jack & Amy Griffin, The Rhythm Shakers, The Starjays….

What’s your process for planning your show?

I usually make a playlist a few days before the show.

What do you do outside of WRFL?

Deliver your mail.

Do you have a favorite memory of something that happened at WRFL, either during your show or at a WRFL event?

I’ve had fun when I’ve had guests from The Roller derby Of Central Kentucky, The Dames Burlesque Troupe, and my friend Lucy Jones from the Lexington Film League. I like talking to enthusiastic and knowledgeable people.

What other WRFL shows/DJs do you like listening to? Why?

I listen to a lot of DJs. At WRFL I enjoy The Percy Trout Hour, Old School Hip Hop with Tommy Mizla, Uncle Bill Widener, The Psychedelicatessen, The Matterhorn Mix, Uncle Foddy, All Things Heavy….I’m probably forgetting someone, but I enjoy DJ’s with enthusiasm and knowledge. Outside of WRFL, I enjoy DJ’s on like Del Villareal, Texas Hellkitten, and Tom Ingram, and James Riley on WXNA in Nashville, as well as Ameripolitan DJs Woody Adkins in Missouri, and Jimi Palacios in New Orleans. I’m constantly listening to learn and enjoy at the same time. And I can’t go without mentioning that Rodney Bingenheimer is a huge inspiration.

Do you have a “Most Interesting Phone Call” story from your time as a DJ?

I once had an irate caller that was upset because the artist that I had just played, apparently had slept with her husband. Sorry lady, not my problem….

Can you share a story of an interaction with a listener of your show?

I’ve had a few people tell me that they’ve purchased CDs and records because they’d heard the artist on my show. That’s the best reward I can get from this.

What do you want listeners to take away from your show?

I hope that people listen to my show and decide that they want to know more about them and artists in a similar style.

What do you hope for the future of your show?

I hope that my listeners from Monday mornings will find me on Wednesday nights. It’s been an adjustment moving from the time slot that I held for six years, to a different one.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It’s important to always have fun when you do your show. I try to play what I like and hope that others enjoy it.

Tune in to The Pacobilly Hour with Colonel Paco Chaos on Wednesdays from 10pm to midnight on WRFL.

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