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Meet the DJs- Jen Wayland “next jen”

This next DJ that we at WRFL want you to meet is Jen Wayland. You can tune in to next jen on WRFL, Thursdays from 2-4pm, for a mix of folk and acoustic music.

How long have you been a WRFL DJ?

I started training in fall 2018, so about a year and a half!

Do you have any frequent guests/co-hosts? What’s your dynamic like?

I don’t have any frequent guests, but I love pestering people I know with questions about what they’d like to hear and any potential themes they’d want to see.

Why did you join WRFL?

I’ve always liked making playlists and discovering new music. Joining WRFL gave me a chance to do that on a larger scale, as well as learn a ton about radio and how it works. This whole experience has been one of my favorite parts of college.

What do you do/play on your show?

I play a lot of folk & acoustic, but I also do the occasional show focusing on a different genre. I try to share whatever I learn in the process of making a show with the listeners.

Why do you play/talk about what you do on your show? What sparked that interest?

I started focusing on playing songs with a more chill, quiet vibe because all my shows before this one have been in the wee hours of the morning. When I focus on a specific genre, it’s usually simply because I find myself going down a rabbit hole learning about it and want to share that with the listeners!

Who are some of your favorite musical artists?

Bon Iver, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, The National, Mallrat.

What’s your process for planning your show?

I start from a couple of songs that I want to set the tone of the show overall and then trawl through WRFL’s music archives to find related artists. I select songs from those artists that sound like they fit with the tone of what I already have. Then I order the songs in a playlist based on which ones “flow” together. I also look up all the artists in the playlist if I’m unfamiliar with them to learn a little about them!

What do you do outside of WRFL?

I’m a senior at UK majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish. I’m involved in Backpacking Club and the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.

Do you have a favorite memory of something that happened at WRFL, either during your show or at a WRFL event?

My friend Ben came to guest host once and we played songs from Eurovision during my 2-5 AM slot. I don’t know if anyone besides us enjoyed it, but it was so much fun to have a co-host!

What other WRFL shows/DJs do you like listening to? Why?

I like El Tren Latino, Psychedelicatessen, Jazz Five Spot, From the Woods Kentucky, Down the Hatch, and Aural Textures to name a few!

Do you have a “Most Interesting Phone Call” story from your time as a DJ?

Surprisingly, not really! I assumed my 2-5 AM slot would be prime time for interesting phone calls, but nothing super wild has happened. I had a few regular listeners who would call in and talk to me about music which was cool!

Can you share a story of an interaction with a listener of your show?

I got a call at around 4:30 AM once from someone thanking me for my playlist that morning. He had to be at work early every day that week (it was Friday) and he said the music set the tone for a better day. I still think that’s the most powerful compliment anyone has ever given me!

What do you want listeners to take away from your show?

I really just try to play music that makes people feel good and find a moment of peace. It’s even better if you learn something or find a new song or artist to check out too!

What do you hope for the future of your show?

I’m graduating this semester and leaving Lexington, but I know that the other WRFL DJs are going to carry the torch of bringing great tunes to Lexington ears for a long time to come!

Tune in to next jen with DJ Jen Wayland on Thursdays from 2-4pm.

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