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Meet the DJs- Kay Simon, “The Gay Show”

WRFL wants to introduce you to Kay Simon. Kay is the host of WRFL’s The Gay Show, an informative show about LGBTQ+ topics.

You can tune into The Gay Show on Thursdays from 1-2pm.

How long have you been a WRFL DJ?

Four full show cycles.

Have you been a DJ anywhere else before?

During my undergrad, at Ohio Wesleyan University. My station was still in testing mode so my call letters were just OWU Radio – I had a minimalism-electronic show called “Weeping Willows” where my co-host and I tried to only play sad music.

Do you have any frequent guests or co-hosts?

Tragically I do not have a co-host but really could use another person at some point.

Why did you join WRFL?

I wanted to be able to educate people on LGBTQ+ topics as a form of activism and advocacy.

What do you do on your show?

The Gay Show talks about a wide range of LGBTQ+ topics all with the intent to deliver short, accessible, and helpful information geared toward those who might not be really familiar with LGBTQ issues or scientific research, since much of the show translates research into public information.

Why do you talk about what you do on your show? What sparked that interest?

In undergrad I did a lot of faster direct activism but as a graduate student researcher everything feels very slow and you don’t really “see” any level of impact. Being a part of WRFL and doing The Gay Show helps me to feel like I am actively making a difference rather than just doing research to get publications.

Who are some of your favorite musical artists?

Mitski, Frank Ocean, and Florist are my three favorite artists because all of them talk about what it means to be queer or a person of color which I deeply identify with.

What’s your process for planning your show?

Most of the topics each week are just randomly brainstormed throughout the week and then I’ll either do my best to research the show topic in the news and in the academic literature to be able to give an accessible educational lesson. I also then try and translate the info beyond LGBTQ+ topics in particular to make it applicable- and more appealing- to any listener instead of just LGBTQ+ people.

Can you describe an episode of your show and what you talked about?

One of my shows talked about how discrimination toward LGBTQ+ youth in schools is costly for everyone, not just the LGBTQ+ kids themselves. I did some general math and broke down the average cost to schools in Kentucky for each LGBTQ+ middle/high school student who might miss one day of school each month because of bullying. I hope to encourage people to think about supporting LGBTQ+ people and policies, and minority groups broadly, regardless of their feelings toward the identity because discrimination negatively impacts everyone.

What do you do outside of WRFL?

I’m a doctoral candidate and graduate student researcher in the department of psychology with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ and/or racial-ethnic minority identity.

Do you have a favorite memory of something that happened at WRFL, either during your show or at a WRFL event?

I’ve received emails and letters from a bunch of different people thanking me for my service and talking about how my show has helped them in some form. For example, I’ve received emails and letters from people at the nearby federal prison telling me that my show encouraged non-LGBTQ+ people to be friendlier toward LGBTQ+ inmates, making their lives much easier!

What do you want listeners to take away from your show?

Hopefully information that’s applicable to their life in some form and to have thought a little bit about their thoughts, opinions, and feelings more generally, and ideally making people friendlier toward LGBTQ+ individuals.

What do you hope for the future of your show? I’m not sure yet! I’m hoping to continue my show throughout my time at UK- I’ll be graduating May 2021. As long as I’m able to keep coming up or returning to interesting topics, but after that I’m not sure. If I had a co-host who was junior to me I suppose I’d pass it on to them full-time but otherwise I’m not sure!

Listen to the The Gay Show with Kay Simon on Thursdays from 1-2pm on WRFL.

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