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Meet the DJs- Stephen Hicks, “Something Completely Different”

This next DJ’s show is something completely different- no seriously, that’s the name of his show. WRFL would like you to meet Stephen Hicks. You can tune into his show Something Completely Different on Fridays from noon to 2pm.

How long have you been a WRFL DJ?

4 years now.

Do you have any frequent guests or co-hosts?

One man show (Or one person show? Whatever’s less offensive.)

Why did you join WRFL?

To play the entirety of Converge’s Dark Horse after I played the Safe Harbor mp3 that uses the intro of that song.

What do you play on your show?

I play songs of a different theme every week.

Why do you play what you do on your show? What sparked that interest?

To get a girlfriend tbh- it happened right as I started. Now, I just try to make her laugh with my clever banter but I usually stammer like the talentless loser I am and she stays with me out of sheer pity.

Who are some of your favorite musical artists?

Too many, that’s why I play something different every week ‘cuz there’s too much music.

What’s your process for planning your show?

Look for inspiration for the theme, perhaps a festival lineup was released or it’s 9/11 and you notice just how many albums were released that day. It’s chaos but I seem to pull it off.

What do you do outside of WRFL?

Pastry chef, Crohn’s patient, funny third thing.

Do you have a favorite memory of something that happened at WRFL, either during your show or at a WRFL event?

When WRFL finally plugged my show on Facebook. Still haven’t gotten that follow on twitter despite winning a Werful for best drive time show and tweeting every week.

What other WRFL shows/DJs do you like listening to? Why?

Brian’s Anarchy in the U.K.– I enjoy breakdowns and d-beats.

Do you have a “Most Interesting Phone Call” story from your time as a DJ?

Someone phoned the station to call me a f%#kface for playing Neil Cicierega’s Floor Corn. He probably gets laid way more than I ever will.

Can you share a story of an interaction with a listener of your show?

I met my current girlfriend at Al’s Bar a week after I told her to tune in, while I was still courting her on Tinder.

What do you want listeners to take away from your show?

How to properly make a show listenable.

What do you hope for the future of your show?

I get my own Blockshow promo, but I’ve never held the same time slot in 13 semesters so that’d be pointless. Would still be cool.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Follow me on Twitter @StephenTHicks.