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Sour Cream release second album, “Dirty Lemon”

Lexington rock band, Sour Cream, releases their sophomore album, Dirty Lemon, today.

Sour Cream features Harlan Cecil on guitar and vocals, Jon McGee on drums and vocals, and Colby Grant on bass.

Sour Cream recorded Dirty Lemon at Otto Helmuth’s studio in Lexington, where his band Otto records, as well as other notable acts with Lexington ties such as The Slaps and People Planet.

The band says that Dirty Lemon is less aggressive than their 2018 debut album, self-titled Sour Cream. The band describes their first album as more “calculated,” adhering to a more specific feel and energy. On Dirty Lemon, the band is experimenting more with their melodies and lyrics. With their sophomore album, Sour Cream is finding their stylistic identity as a band and as individual musicians.

Most of the songs on Dirty Lemon were written by Cecil, with some lyrics by McGee. Sour Cream says that each band member wrote their own part for their instrument.

“For me, as a bass player, it’s all about knowing when to settle down and groove, and when to stand out and add to the melody of the song,” said Grant.

“Harlan and I were hanging out almost daily back then, so by chance he showed me a lot of his ideas and I showed him mine,” said McGee. “I recall us recording demos on my phone all the time.”

“Most of the songs and lyrics, for me, were mostly stream of consciousness,” said Cecil.

Sour Cream had planned on celebrating the release of Dirty Lemon with a concert at The Burl. Unfortunately, the event had to be canceled due to social distancing measures. Although, the band says that they would rather cancel some shows than cause anyone to get sick.

Sour Cream says they are looking forward to when they can play shows and go see their favorite bands perform again.

Sour Cream’s sophomore album Dirty Lemon is available digitally now.

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