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Puckett Electric releases album, “No Magic”

The Lexington-based, Psychedelic-Americana rock band Puckett Electric releases their second album, “No Magic” today, May 8.

WRFL talked to the man behind Puckett Electric, Scott Puckett, about his new project and what listeners can expect.

How have you been doing lately?
I’d say that the hardest part for me is missing my friends out in the community; especially my beloved dive bars. In fact, we were supposed to play at the Green Lantern on May 1st, but so it goes.

What music have you been listening to?
I have been taking the opportunity to listen to some local bands online, instead of just seeing them live. It’s been a big leap for me to reach out to everyone on social media instead of in person, but both experiences have their own rewards. Left to my own devices, I usually just end up listening to the Fall or Link Wray. Or the Kinks. I tend to bury myself in the past.

How long have you been making music for?
I’ve been writing and playing songs since I was a teenager, and started Puckett Electric as a recording project after moving to Kentucky about 9 years ago. Mostly what I’ve done in that time is work for a living, but on odd hours I’ll write and record.

On your first album you say you recorded all the instruments yourself- is that still the case on this album or did you record with a band?
Both albums were composed on late nights, and over a million takes strung together. When recording and singing everything for the first time like I do for each song, it’s a process of trial and error. Mostly error!

What can you tell us about your new album “No Magic”? How does this project compare to your last album “Cowboy Death Songs?”
“No Magic” is heavier and more electrified than my first album; though both are pretty eclectic. I describe the sound as “psychedelic Americana.” I think that term covers the themes of both albums.

I’ve seen you say that your first album is influenced by history and the Civil War. What themes are running through this album?
“No Magic” is less reliant on weird history, as opposed to “Cowboy Death Songs”. I like to straddle the ground between experimental and accessible, and try to take songs in several directions, but without dragging them out. “No Magic” covers some dark lyrical territory (as the name implies), including disillusionment and obscurity; but I put in some light amongst the shadows. I’m a firm believer in contrast.

On the first album, you had videos for each track. Will there be a visual component to the new album?
I’ve got some different ideas for new videos too, and am looking forward to collaborating with others with a better eye for visuals. I am definitely influenced by the imagery of the American Southeast and Southwest, which can be seen in my videos and album artwork.

You mentioned you got a band together for your live shows. What do you feel like they bring to the music?
I put a great band together, including Mark Murray (from Jovantaes) on guitar, Ruda Tovar on drums (from Nogozo, as well the host of Al’s Bar Comedy Night), and our friend Tera Buerkle on keyboards and vocals. I’m really proud of the way the band took to the songs, and they sound so much more cohesive together. They’re great musicians and quick learners. What I’m maybe most excited about though is playing the songs live, though of course now we’ll have to wait.

Do you have a favorite song from the new album?
I think the two standout songs are “Loose Lips (Sink Ships)”, which takes its name from an actual wartime poster. Its kinda paranoid and sinister, but quite catchy. On the other hand, “The Height of My Powers” has these sort of hopeful and honest lyrics. It starts kinda like a punk song, then goes all over the place; barely holding it all together. The whole album was mastered by Duane Lundy at the Lexington Recording Company, and he really elevated the raw tracks.

What do you want listeners to take away from “No Magic”?
For everyone else out there, I would say that the recorded album is by nature fairly experimental, but the songs really gel when played live. I’m very satisfied with both incarnations, and I can’t wait till we can all see each other again.

Puckett Electric’s “No Magic” is available now.

“No Magic” can be bought or streamed on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

You can follow Puckett Electric on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and on their personal website.

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