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That’s What Makes WRFL

WRFL is looking for your input!

Help celebrate deep ties within the central Kentucky music community with our “That’s What Makes WRFL…” programming. We need YOU to submit song suggestions that encapsulate the musical spirit of WRFL and its unique identity. Our DJs will compile YOUR suggestions to create programming that shows our love for the distinct place WRFL has in our community. Help us show the world “That’s What Makes WRFL…your station for alternative music, the Lexington soundtrack for over 30 years, your only alternative left, and your source for alternative radio.

Until June 29th, you can follow this link to submit up to three songs that you think encapsulate the sound of WRFL. After the submission deadline, the submissions will be analyzed to see what the top 10 most frequently submitted songs are, and those will be compiled into a top 10 playlist that will be broadcasted over the airwaves! The rest of the submitted songs will be divided into groups that DJs will play on their shows throughout the week.

And that’s what makes WRFL!