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5 Standout EPs of Q2 2020

Here is a handful of bite-sized releases that have kept me sane the past three months and I hope they do the same for you.
Stay safe and keep fighting the good fight!

ReMoSensei Twin Blades
ReMoSensei, “Twin Blades”

Kentucky-based, flow-switching hip-hop you can easily turn up to. The striking pianos on “ScubaMo” puts up its dukes while “Juice4Sale” ends with its shoulders relaxed.

Kali Uchis To Feel Alive EP
Kali Uchis, “TO FEEL ALIVE EP”

The birds chirping at the beginning of “honey baby (SPOILED)” and the strings plucking on the title track is just the breath of fresh air needed.
It is as if Uchis is slowly perfecting chamber R&B (chambeR&B?)

Dua Saleh, “ROSETTA“

Slow motion melodic rap that barrages you with slamming bass whenever necessary.
The thick smoke on “Smut” and “hellbound” are Dua at their sleekest.

Kennyhoopla how will I rest
Kennyhoopla, “how will i rest in peace if I’m buried by a highway?//“

One part alternative rock, one part bedroom pop, all heavily influenced by Bloc Party.
The chorus of the titular track “she‘s gonna CUT MY HEAD OFF!” has been routinely stuck in my head.

Sleepdealer Tides
Sleepdealer “Tides”

Lo-fi relaxation beats as part of a music series inspired by the Ian Urbina book, “The Outlaw Ocean.”
Lots of water splashes and other calming sound effects added for maximum comfort.

Stephen Hicks is the DJ of “Something Completely Different” on WRFL.