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Anonimuss Rose wants to balance your chakras on debut album, “Serendipity”

Anonimuss Rose. Remember that name.

The Lexington-based, 26 year-old creates both neo-soul and hip-hop music. deeming herself a “soul-hop” artist. Anonimuss Rose has created her own definition of herself and her music. She plans to showcase both on her upcoming debut album, “Serendipity.”

Listen to this interview here.

Anonimuss says she makes music, “for the people, period.” Her music is made not only to inspire people but to help channel their emotions and balance their chakras in everyday life.

Anonimuss is influenced by the likes of Chaka Khan, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Roberta Flack, India Arie and others across different genres. Although Lauryn Hill is her number idol and the one she is most often compared to, she rightfully asserts her own identity.

“Everybody centers me around [Lauryn Hill] and her creativity and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I get it, but I’m Anonimuss.”

The millennial artist channels the 90’s with intense enthusiasm.

“I got the good with the funk. I got the contemporary with the R’n’B. Everybody’s shifting around and changing and I love it.”

The India Arie influence jumps out on her single “This is Me”. The song was as therapeutic for her to make as it sounds for the listener. After what she describes as a silly fallout with her best friend, Anonimuss was inspired to write something with encouragement of Kentucky rain and her tears.

“Next thing I know I was singing the mantra, ‘calm, cool, collected’- just kind of reciting that to myself.” The more she sang that mantra, the better she felt. The mantra transformed into a song that she hopes will help people balance their chakras.

Anonimuss says she also draws inspiration from her city, Lexington.
“I recently found out how much my city truly loves me and it was flabbergasting.”
After going through a rough time she saw how her community responded with positivity, love and support. She was shocked by this support but says that as an artist in the area, you have to feel people out.

While many artists want their career to bring them money, fame or popularity, Anonimuss wants her music to take her higher spiritually. “Everytime I record spiritually I elevate because I created something that is obedient,” said Anonimuss, apparently impressing herself. “Woo, that’s deep.”

By “obedient” Anonimuss means she’s spiritually obedient to the spirits and forces that guide her. Anonimuss’ creative process is uniquely her own.

“I know a lot of people feel like an artist should just be able to write a song out of nowhere, sometimes I do that, but sometimes I have to let it come to me.”

One of her latest releases, “Inner G,” is not only a play on words but also one of the songs she was spiritually obedient in writing. Her music isn’t always about her own experiences. Sometimes, as in the case of “Inner G,” it’s about another person and what they’re going through. “It just so happens that I write about things that I know somebody else is going through and somebody needs that motivation to know, ‘You know what, I’m okay.’”

Although people in an ending relationship may not see it this way, Anonimuss says the record came from a happy place. “I need women to know it’s okay if someone wants to leave, you’ve already given them the option before if they wanted to leave or stay.”

Anonimuss hopes her story of self determination will inspire others. “I recorded my first song in the library and it sounded like crap. I never felt prouder. Know that you can always get better.”

The pandemic hasn’t stifled Anonimuss or her creativity. She teamed up with her proclaimed “love of her life” R.O.C (Respect the Original Creation) to create the single “Quarantine and Chill”. What started as a joke between Anonimuss and R.O.C turned into a vibe perfect for the summer of quarantine.

The Lexington native also collaborates with other artists from the area. Anonimuss recorded a song with rapper 187Ky last year that turned into the ensemble line-up that is the single “Love/Hate” which also features Teejay Malik and ET-Alejandro. “Shoutout to 187, that’s family,” said Anonimuss. She says she loves everything that the song encompasses so much that she encourages anyone who hasn’t already to listen.

Anonimuss says her upcoming project, “Serendipity”, is an evolution because of the growth from her first project, “Euphoria.” “I went a whole lot harder this time around because you not only get Anonimuss Rose the singer but you also get Noni, and Noni is the rapper.”

Growth doesn’t mean this project was absent of challenges along the way. The “soul-hop” artist’s greatest challenge was staying focused and on track in the midst of a pandemic and nation-wide uprisings against racism. Anonimuss says the album had been delayed because she went into what she calls, “community mode.” She put her focus towards helping out the people in her community.

“I contemplated the release around what we’re going through as descendants of African people. It’s hard to be like, I want to put out an album and people are getting killed in the streets.”

But now, Anonimuss feels it’s time to put the album out into the world.

“I would love for this album to help people to heal.”

Now, Anonimuss is writing for the times in the midst of protests and racial violence. She says that her tone on other forthcoming works will probably channel more rage, anger and frustration. Anonimuss says she’ll express those emotions with her pen and music rather than violence.

Anonimuss Rose’s debut album, “Serendipity,” is available now.