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Submit PSAs to WRFL

WRFL wants to air your PSAs

WRFL supports community and school involvement by incorporating public service announcements during every hour of radio programming, around the clock.
At the half-hour mark, WRFL DJs are required to read certain PSAs on-air during their show.
The PSAs we accept span a great variety of subject matters, from calls to submissions for contests to informative announcements about mental health resources.
This can be an easy (and free) way to promote recruitment for UK clubs and organizations, as well as community initiatives.

How to submit & guidelines for submissions:

Email inquiring about submitting a PSA.   
Please provide any pertinent information (name of organization, date/time, requirements, location, flyers, graphics, etc.) regarding the organization.   
You may submit a ~100-word PSA to for proofreading and approval, or one of our Promotions Directors would be happy to help write one.   
Due to FCC regulations, we do not air explicit calls-to-action (ex: “Go buy ___”) or list any monetary cost or amount (even including “free”).      
If you are a for-profit business, please contact our Development Director at to inquire about becoming an underwriter for WRFL.    
Please allow a week for PSAs to be drafted, approved, and updated.