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WRFL Week 9/14-9/18

Join us in celebrating the first ever WRFL Week – a multi-day event that gives you the chance to learn about WRFL’s history, relive some of its most memorable moments, engage with the Lexington music community, get involved with station, and hear from underrepresented voices in music.

Monday- WRFL History

Tune in at 88.1fm or online at to hear some throwback music from the early days of WRFL.

Tuesday- #TakeMeBackTuesday

Tune in from 10am-noon for a countdown of some of our favorite WRFL concert performances.
Then tune in to ‘Accents’ from noon-2pm to hear live recordings from the first Boomslang concert in 2009, featuring performances from Crystal Wilkinson, C.E. Morgan, and Sallie Bingham.

Wednesday- Support Local Music

Tune in to ‘Dave’s Deep Dives’ from 10am-noon to hear an interview with local bassist Tom Covello.
Then, from 6-8pm, listen to a mix of local music on “The Last Resort.”
Finally, we’ve got a double-sized ‘WRFL Live’ for you from 8-10pm, featuring live interviews and performances from experimental soul artist Somalsaias and hip hop artist Marley Carter.

Thursday- Get Involved

Tune in to ‘Trivial Thursdays’ from 10am-noon to hear WRFL Membership Director Emme Dupree talking about WRFL’s DisOrientation coming up on Saturday, September 19.
If you’re interested in becoming a WRFL DJ, click this link to fill out the form and RSVP for our Fall DisOrientation.

Friday- Diverse Voices

On Friday we’re putting a spotlight on underrepresented voices.
Tune in to ‘Phantom Power Double Hour’ from 6-8pm for some rarely heard 60s soul music.
Then from 10pm-midnight tune into ‘Signal Boost’ for an hour of Black women in indie and alternative music followed by an hour of LGBTQ+ artists in dance-pop and hip hop.

It’s a week to celebrate what makes WRFL special. We can’t wait for you to tune in and join in!