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Taylor Road Band to play ‘WRFL Live!’ 10/21

“Rock’s not dead,” says Cameron Davis of the Taylor Road Band.

And they’re here to prove it to you. Taylor Road, a band based in Danville, Kentucky, just got together this past February. The band of four includes Jackson Ward as the bass player and lead singer, Stephen Lynch as the lead guitar player, Brayden Pike on the drums, and Cameron Davis as a rhythm guitar player and a lead singer.

“Right when we started gigging is when it all started going down,” said Ward. With the coronavirus hitting the United States just a month after coming together, Taylor Road Band decided to use their time in quarantine to perfect their craft.

“We had the opportunity to jump from an hour’s worth of material to four hours’ worth of material in a couple of months,” said Davis. Turning an unfortunate situation into a positive one, the band is now on the way to releasing their first album composed of nine songs soon.

One song, “Reno,” is focused on the downfall caused by addiction. Ward says he wrote and produced “Reno” about a year ago, after the passing of his cousin due to drug addiction. Ward says he has, “a side of the family that’s kind of been torn apart by addiction”.

“Reno” mixes the band member’s different musical styles to come together as one sound. Davis goes on to say that their music together “all falls under that sound we’ve created as a band”. He likes to think that they have a, “Taylor Road sound.”

“There might be different styles of music but they’re still our sound,” said Davis. 

The song, “Reno,” is much softer than most hardcore rock n’ roll music. Their music has a bit of a twist to it. As Davis likes to say, Taylor Road Band is, “just four different guys putting their spin on rock n’ roll music and seeing what comes out the other end.” The “Taylor Road sound” is what makes them stand out. Ward believes that, “the heart of it is open-mindedness,” and that they’re, “doing their best to blend it all together.”

With the range of versatility the band has, it is imperative that they use their talents effectively to produce good music. Pike says he thinks that, “rock kind of died out recently.” He says he wants to, “replenish that fire.”

Taylor Road wants to, “inspire people to pick up an instrument, to do it themselves, and get the ball rolling again.”

The Taylor Road will be performing on “WRFL Live!” this Wednesday, October 21st at 9PM. Tune in to see them perform their new songs, including my personal favorite, “Reno.”

You can follow Taylor Road Band on Instagram, @TaylorRoadOfficial, and Facebook, @TaylorRoad.