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Tiny Tiny releases album “Go”

Ready, set, “Go”!

Somerset pop group Tiny Tiny releases their new album “Go” today. The band’s writer and lead singer Boone Williams had a chat with WRFL about the new album and creating it during the pandemic.

Listen to the interview here.

Like many performers, Tiny Tiny lost gigs this year due to the closure of bars and music venues. 

“When things shut down, obviously we canceled everything we had on the books as far as live performance,” said Williams. “But luckily we were able to work together remotely and send stuff back and forth and occasionally get in the same room whenever we felt like it was safe to do so.”

Over the course of the pandemic and with old school hip-hop like Wu-Tang Clan and Gravediggaz playing in the background, Tiny Tiny put together “Go” a grounded, down-to-earth pop album. “Go” has more warmth than some of the band’s previous projects. The album has vibes that are perfect for fall- it feels like a sweater on a chilly October night. The first track “Red Line” uses synths in a way reminiscent of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” score.

Tiny Tiny wants “Go” to be an album that helps keep people from getting into too negative a headspace right now. Williams said that while it’s important that people be aware of what’s going on in the world, everybody needs time to get their mind on something else.

“I feel like the mood is just trying to not go too dark in yourself,” said Williams. “Because I think that’s what we’ve all been doing over lockdown. It’s really easy to go down the rabbit hole and you know, worry about the state of things. So like maybe, maybe the theme is trying to distract yourself a little bit.”

“Simpatico” is the album’s most energetic track with a lush, shoegazey sound. It’s followed by “Important Things” which starts really stripped down before building on itself in a satisfying way. Several songs on “Go” misdirect the listener in this way, lulling you into the comfort of the song before shifting to a vibe that both contrasts and compliments the beginning. This is a way that “Go” keeps you engaged. “Passenger One” is another track that does this effectively. Part of what helps the band pull this off is the way they blend grounded instrumentals, especially the acoustic guitar, with a modern production style that creates immersive soundscapes.

“Go” concludes with the short song “No Place Is Better Than The Earth.” The track is a revisitation of a song Williams released on a 2018 EP called “Big Fancy Dream” under the moniker Brother Bee. At less than a minute long it’s a simple, stripped down song that sounds like a hopeful mantra.

“If you listen to it, like in the context of lockdown, pandemic, crazy election, all this stuff sitting around and singing ‘No Place Is Better Than The Earth,’ kind of sounds ridiculous,” said Williams. “But I like that being the little cherry on top of that recording, ‘Big, Fancy Dream.’ And [‘Go’] too because I almost sort of think of track eight when you go as the final song and then ‘No Place Is Better Than The Earth’ is sort of an afterthought or something. But I like it. I like it there.”

Listeners who like bands like Washed Out, Modest Mouse and Gorillaz will find something to enjoy on Tiny Tiny’s “Go.” The production is both creative and immersive while keeping a humble energy.

Williams says that Tiny Tiny doesn’t have any shows on the books at the moment but that they intend to, “play it by ear.”

Tiny Tiny’s new album “Go” is available now.