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“Her Name is Midnight”- a song two years in the making

We’re all in quarantine and looking for new music to put some groove back in our lives while being stuck at home. Well look no further as “Her Name is Midnight” is a new single that will have you dancing and playing air guitar in no time.

“Her Name is Midnight” was released October 29 by three college students- Baltazar Lora, Nico Pagni, and Keefer Barnum. They started working on the single all the way back in the summer of 2018.

The song starts off with a heart-thumping guitar rift, followed by the smooth tones of jazz and rock including instruments like the bass and drums. This leads into the sound of Lora’s deep almost raspy voice singing about things like, “riding shotgun in {my} vintage car,” and, “strumming the rhythm on {my} red guitar,” making it sound like a fun, mysterious night out. The song continues with more guitar solos, high notes, echoed cosmic sounds from Lora, and much more packed in.

Lora, Pagni, and Barnum are all life-long friends who share a love for music. It started with Pagni learning drums – his favorite instrument to play- in Barnum’s basement. Pagni introduced Lora to classic rock in middle school and by high school started a band called Tropic. Music has been apart of their lives for some time now, but putting in the work to make a song is something they’re still getting used to.

“We spent 4 or 5 hours a day… really engineering it to make sure that what Baltazar was putting in, we could convey properly through the speakers,” said Barnum.

The trio wrote, produced, engineered and released “Her Name is Midnight” on their own. There was constant change with this song until everyone was completely satisfied the day before its release. Even with the difficulty of engineering the music and being very nervous for their first release, it didn’t stop them from wanting more.

“I’m honestly excited for the future,” said Barnum.

Each artist brought something to the table on “Her Name is Midnight.” The guys don’t cage themselves in when it comes to their musical influences. They draw inspiration from Spanish music to classic rock bands like The Strokes to artists like Kid Cudi and Portugal the Man.

“If you hear a collection of our songs, there are so many different sounds going on throughout each,” said Lora.

After the release of the song, the group haven’t decided if they’ll eventually team up together again or continue solo.

“Currently, we all realize we all have a lot to offer individually,” said Pagni.

Regardless of pandemic, distance, or school the three friends and artists aren’t letting anything stop them from producing more music. The song “Her Name is Midnight” is just as mysterious and cool sounding as the title makes it out to be. It’s got the young energy of a late night car ride with friends. This is a song worth listening to and adding to your summertime or ‘vibes’ playlist.