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The Hellcats to Perform on “WRFL Live!” 4/14/21

These cats are ready to raise hell and perform for the very first time together! The Hellcats are a new band based in Lexington, KY.

This band of three includes Samuel Rose as the vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Austin White as the lead guitarist and Chris Marra on the drums.

“All of our musical backgrounds are very diverse,” Rose said.

Their versatility is what drives the band. Marra has been classically trained in percussion, while Rose has been classically trained in bass. White is a mostly self-taught guitarist. However, they all come together as one sound.

On Dec 5, 2020, the band released their first EP titled “The Garage”. The EP was produced, recorded and released without the help of anyone outside of the band.

“The EP represents the fact that we started out by ourselves and we’re working our way up. It’s a form of inspiration to others that we did it ourselves,” White said.

Currently, the Hellcats are working very hard on their new and upcoming album. They plan to perform 2 of their new songs from their upcoming album on “WRFL Live!” next week.

While the Hellcats’ main goal is to create music, they value the importance of spending time with one another whenever they are not working on their music. They believe this is what keeps their band together.

“It’s very important to have moments to just chill and hang out,” Marra said.

The Hellcats are set to have their first performance together on the next “WRFL Live!” on April 14. Don’t forget to tune in at 9PM to hear them play.

You can keep up with The Hellcats on Instagram @Heckcats.

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UPDATE: If you missed it, you can watch the entire performance and interview with The Hellcats on YouTube below! And be sure to subscribe to WRFL’s YouTube channel as well.