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1967 release “Losing My Mind”

It’s 2021 but this band is taking us to 1967. 

“We want to break out of the obscurity…that’s our biggest goal,” says Jaime Reynolds, lead guitarist and singer of the Portland Oregon-based band 1967. 

1967 also includes Sean Kenny on drums and Will Strong on the bass. During the pandemic, the band has managed to pull off creating music with members living in different parts of the country. 

“It’s kind of a one musician at a time kind of thing,” said Reynolds. 

John Kruzweg has been producing the band’s music from Santa Fe. Also in Santa Fe, Riley Edge focused on the band’s artwork. Meanwhile the band’s drummer, Mat Haskell, is based out of Phoenix.

Founded in 2011, the band was named 1967 to honor the passing of both Reynolds and former member, Dustin Failner’s brothers, who were both born in 1967.

“It just kind of felt right…we were relating on that and that’s where it started,” says Reynolds

The band’s new single, “Losing My Mind,” was released on June 7. The message behind the song focuses on what it feels like to lose your mind. In this case, 1967 decided to hone in on the definition of “insanity” as the song repeats, “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” Reynolds has expressed that his struggle with losing his mind is continuously going through the cycle of insanity. 

“I still deal with that as a human being and I think a lot of people do too,” Reynolds says. 1967 made the song to be relatable to those on their own mental health journey. Reynolds created “Losing My Mind” to show those who battle with anxious thoughts and feelings that they aren’t alone. 

With some pandemic restrictions lifted, 1967 now plans to host and perform more live shows. They performed their first show post-Covid on June 25 in Portland. 

You can keep up with the band 1967 on Instagram @1967band or through their website,