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Submit PSAs for WRFL’s Fall Programming Schedule!

WRFL is accepting PSA solicitations for on-air programming!

WRFL supports school and community organizations by by incorporating public service announcements during every hour of radio programming, everyday. Typical subjects of our PSAs include public services, resources, calls for submissions to contests and community events. This can be an easy (and free!) way to promote your initiative or event, whether it’s through UK or the wider Lexington community.

Do you have an event or topic you want to spread the word about? Here’s how:

You may submit a PSA to for proofreading and approval if you already have something in mind. Those typically run around 100 words and must include all pertinent information regarding what ever it is you wish to air a PSA about (name of organization, date/time, requirements, location, etc.).

You may also send this information along with a request to and one of our Promotions Directors would gladly write a PSA for you! Due to FCC regulations, we do not air explicit calls-to-action (ex: “Go buy ___”) or list any monetary cost or amount (even including the words “free” or “at no cost”).

If you are a for-profit business, please contact our Development Director at to inquire about becoming an underwriter for WRFL. It usually takes a few days for PSAs to be drafted, approved, or otherwise updated. As soon as it is approved, the PSA will be put into our typical rotation and broadcast all over the wider Fayette County area.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about PSAs or any related topics, please send them to and we will gladly get back to you as soon as possible!