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WRFL is back live and in person for Fall 2021! Sign up to be a DJ

We are excited to announce that for the upcoming Fall 2021 show cycle, beginning Monday, August 23rd, WRFL will be back live and in person! Our goal is to return to having as much live programming as possible. Regular shows on WRFL’s Fall 2021 schedule will be live in WRFL’s studio, and we hope to reduce the remaining gaps in our live programming over the next several months. Of course, having live programming requires having local DJs on the air, and we need your help to eventually get back to being live 24/7 as we proudly were for over 30 years until the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone can be a DJ at WRFL, and here’s how you can help us get there.

Recent and Past DJs

If you were recently a DJ in good standing at WRFL, or if you finished training and/or had a show on WRFL in the past few years and then left the station in good standing (this includes DJs who left the station in March 2020 when the pandemic first hit), we want to welcome you back on the air. You can simply sign in to our DJ website with your existing DJ account and click “DJ Resources” and then “Apply for a show” to fill out your show application for Fall 2021. Remember, the Fall 2021 show cycle begins Monday, August 23rd, so we encourage you to submit your show application as soon as possible for the best chance to get your preferred time slot. That’s all you have to do—applications are open now!

If you were once a WRFL DJ but have been away from the station for more than a few years, please email our Membership Director at and we will follow up with you about retraining at the station.

New DJs

If you’ve never joined WRFL, or if you once joined but never finished training, now is the perfect time to get on board and join WRFL as a DJ. We love student DJs at WRFL, but you don’t have to be a UK student to join the station. Anyone who lives in or near Lexington and can physically come to the studio on UK’s campus each week can be a DJ at WRFL. If you’re anxious, don’t worry—we provide you with everything you need to become a DJ, including a steady rotation of new music to choose from. You don’t need to be a music expert or have any prior broadcasting experience—if you’re passionate and willing to learn, there is a place for you at WRFL and we’d love to have you as an on-air DJ.

To get started, fill out the WRFL DJ application. Once you do, we’ll invite you to WRFL’s DisOrientation, our information session that takes place in September. There, you’ll learn all about becoming a DJ at WRFL. You’ll get the opportunity to sit in and train with a current WRFL DJ over the following few weeks, and when you successfully finish your training later in the semester, you’ll be ready to start filling open time slots and sign up for your own weekly show.


If you have any questions about becoming a DJ at WRFL, please email our Membership Director at and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to seeing you live and in person soon!