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Kyle Hume on his Rise to Fame

Kyle Hume, a former UK student who’s grown a substantial fan base through TikTok, has been creating a name for himself with almost two million followers. 

“I just really feel like I want to do something more – something that’s bigger and different.” Hume says, recounting how he pondered on what he wanted to do with himself while in college.

As a computer science major, Hume planned to take on an internship at GE Appliances in 2020. However, the opportunity was delayed due to the Coronavirus. With this newfound free time, Hume honed in on his passion for music and released his first song with vocals during the summer of 2020.

During his last semester at UK, Hume set a personal goal to hit one-hundred thousand TikTok followers by the end of the year. He ended up accomplishing this in just over a month.

“It’s almost like the timing of everything has worked out. It’s kind of convenient, which is a weird thing to say, but it kind of has been – for the music side of things, at least.” Hume says. 

Hume has confirmed that he is working on a project but will still release music in the meantime. One of these singles is “Better Off Without Me,” which Hume has teased on TikTok to rave responses. He hopes to release the song sometime in February.

In the future, Hume hopes to have a full body of work so he can put on live performances in his hometown of Louisville, as well as other major cities around the country.

You can keep up with Hume through Instagram and TikTok.