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WRFL Wrapped 2022

2022 was in many ways a year of rebuilding for WRFL as we continued to make progress toward our goal of returning to 24/7 live programming, as we had for 32 years until the station introduced pre-recorded programming for the first time in 2020 when we were unable to have DJs in our studio. Compared to 2021, we had over twice as much live programming in 2022, which also means our DJs were able to play over twice as much new music.

With that in mind, it’s time to look back at WRFL’s top played albums, tracks, and artists of the year, for the 2022 edition of our annual feature, WRFL Wrapped. As the website developer for the station, each year I compile these statistics directly from the tracks that our DJs entered into our playlist throughout the year. Our design director Lucas Carlos de Lima created some lovely accompanying graphics, which you will see below throughout this compilation.

Let’s begin with a look at WRFL’s most played albums of 2022:

WRFL’s most played albums of 2022

It was a big year for big indie releases, with Soccer Mommy’s Sometimes, Forever eclipsing all other albums with 221 plays on WRFL this year, almost a hundred more than any other album released in 2022. As you’ll see below, this had a significant effect on the station’s overall most played tracks and artists of the year as well.

Next, let’s look at WRFL’s most played tracks of 2022:

WRFL’s most played tracks of 2022

As we noted last year as well, there was an even stronger showing of local artists among the station’s most played tracks, due in large part to single releases. WRFL is one of the only radio stations anywhere that gives creative freedom to its DJs to play any local, regional, national, or international artists of their choice that are not regularly heard on other stations, so we’re very happy to see our DJs supporting so many of Lexington’s amazing local artists.

Finally, let’s look at WRFL’s most played artists of 2022:

WRFL’s most played artists of 2022

For the first time, one artist—Soccer Mommy—had WRFL’s #1 most played album (Sometimes, Forever) and track (“Shotgun”) and was also the #1 most played artist of the year! Will another artist be able to get this trifecta in 2023? Only time will tell.

Thanks to all of our DJs for hosting all of our shows and programming this year, and thanks to all of our listeners for tuning in! Here’s to a new year where we will keep playing music for the Lexington community on the radio and around the world online, because WRFL will always be your only alternative left. From all of us at WRFL, have a happy new year!