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Show Schedule    Dave’s Deep Dives

Dave’s Deep Dives

with David Cubine

Block Show

Rock, Blues, Jazz, & Americana from the 1960s to NOW. Genre & theme shows, alternate takes, rarities, and plenty of live recordings, all from the last 60 years of music.

Wednesday – 10am-Noon

David Cubine is a long-time Central Kentucky resident, UK grad, multi-media designer, and musician. A guest DJ spot on UK’s WUKY inspired Dave to apply for a weekly show on WRFL. “ I love to share or turn people on to music to they haven’t been exposed to, or play them songs they were unfamiliar with from artists they already listen to,” says Dave. “WRFL is the perfect place for those who love listening to a wide variety of genres and hearing those hidden musical gems.”

“The radio is broken. It don’t work anymore. We’ll never get back to the Earth no more”—Frank Zappa

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