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Mike After Midnight

with Michael Turner

General Format

The clock strikes midnight, the people of lexington are unaware of the ferocious yet soothing blend of roaring lead guitar, chilling piano and thumping bass line’s about to be thrown down as the melodic rhythm “steals your face right off your head”

I did this same show the past 2 semesters but from 2-5 AM. I intro Mike After Midnight with a funky 35 second blip of "After Midnight" by Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia. The first words the listener hears are "after midnight, we gonna let it all hang out, after midnight, we’re gonna scream up and shout" behind a funky piano line. My show blends a medley of jam bands like Widespread Panic, My Morning Jacket, Twiddle, The Grateful Dead, Perpetual Groove and several others with Sturgill Simpson, Steve Earle, David Crosby, Sam Bush, Restless Leg String band and Bela Fleck like bluegrass pickers that exhibit kentucky’s longstanding tradition. Through mixing these artists who can pluck tangy bluegrass notes from the sweet backwoods air with beautiful improvisational music that can go anywhere under the sun, the listeners receive a unique listening experience of music they don’t normally hear on the radio or in "pop" circles.

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