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with Cassini Griffin and Trevor Whatevr (Tre L.)


Dude, you heard this sh*t?

Since 2018, The Heavyset has been Lexington’s home for the hardest-hitting, oddest, most brilliant electronica. Intrepid host DJ Cas-9 (and their buddy Trevor Whatevr) have ventured on an endless journey to embrace the wild side of computer noises. Y’know, like how it sounds when you accidentally hit the Shift key too much and your computer bleeps at you? Yeah, think of that, but worse. And better. It’ll annoy your neighbors. Your parents might look at you funny. That one cousin you only met twice will probably dig it. From riddim to house, techno to drum ‘n bass, it’s an eclectic collection of synthesized tunes with just one rule: BANGERS ONLY. It’s NPR for dubstep. It’s Top Gear for future bass. There’s a way to jailbreak every sound system on the planet, and the Heavyset is the key. Catch it in that quirky spot where it’s not quite Friday anymore but it’s not Saturday either on WRFL Lexington, or anytime at

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