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Emily Blue gets personal on “Aperture”

I’ll admit that when I logged on to my Zoom interview with Emily Blue, I was wearing her merch.

It was a t-shirt for the Chicago-based glitch pop singer’s single, “Rico Acid.” Now that the fact that I’m an Emily Blue stan has been disclosed, this feature can proceed with total transparency.

Listen to this interview with Emily Blue here.

Emily Blue says she likes her music to be a bit “off-kilter” with its production.

“I use the term ‘glitch pop’ because that has pretty much summed it up for everything I’ve put out so far,” said Blue. “There’s always some weird, glitchy noises.”

The artist draws on real life experiences to craft relatable pop songs.

“It’s funny, because it’s like, I can measure the relatability based on how true I’m telling the story,” said Blue. “I definitely get the most response from the ones that are truer, which is interesting to me.”

On her new single “Aperture” Emily Blue takes her glitch-pop sound to new emotional depths. With “Aperture” we get to listen in on the artist’s mind as she processes an unrequited love.

“Aperture is about a time that I fell in love with someone really hard and fast and then they had a partner already and they obviously could not do anything about my feelings, and they basically said like, you know, ‘you’re going to have to cope with this, I don’t feel the same way.’ So it was just kind of like walking through dealing with that. All the lyrics are like my brain processing this information and trying to come to terms with it.”

“The beach looks starving in winter
Wide awake, I notice the aperture
My light pours in
Just like I always let it”

Emily Blue doesn’t shy away from personal topics in her music. Through her discography she embraces both her sexuality and her feelings.

“I really care that people feel comfortable expressing themselves,” said Blue. “Because, I feel like a huge problem in our world is that we have these emotions that we feel like we’re not allowed to come forward with or be proud of or be comfortable expressing.”

Emily Blue says that she plans to soon release a video for “Aperture” that was filmed entirely at home and features animation. She is currently working on an album with more personal songs similar to “Aperture” about self-realization. Her summer tour has been rescheduled to January and she welcomes people to reach out to her if they think she should play in their area, as the route hasn’t been finalized yet.

I know I’m hoping she comes to Lexington.

Emily Blue’s new single “Aperture” is available now.

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