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Romantic Relevance release “What These Years Felt Like Pt. 2.”

Lexington rock band Romantic Relevance has been working hard during quarantine to release their new EP titled “What These Years Felt Like Pt. 2.”
I was able to catch up with band member Diego Molina and ask him questions about the band’s new release.

Tell us about what you’ve been doing during quarantine.
A lot of the EP was finished at the beginning of quarantine. So, I graduated in December from Asbury and moved into a room in downtown Lexington with now windows. It’s like a little tiny attic. It doesn’t have a closet And I just sort of set up my space in there and I worked on a lot of the EP during that time, and then quarantine happened so I just kept working on it!

What is Romantic Relevance?
Romantic Relevance is myself, Tom Mangione, Zac Hamilton, and Ethan Hall. Zac, Ethan and I have been playing music together since we were in high school. We played in bands, we played in church bands, we were just always making music together. We met Tom at Asbury and we started this band together. It was pretty much like just simple from there on. I write the songs and I send it to them. We’ve all formed such a great friendship and love for the same music that it just worked.

How long have you guys been together as a band?
It’s been almost two years now.

Tell us about the new EP.
Yeah, so it’s called What These Years Felt Like Pt. 2. It’s a series that we have been doing. When I graduated from Asbury, in like 48 hours I went from ending this relationship I was in to finding a new job, moving into a new place; it was just like so much of life came at me at once. It was pretty overwhelming. There’s something to that period of life that I just haven’t heard about a lot in music. You know, about the post-grad transition and life being confusing and overwhelming, and kind of being lost in all of it. So that was the energy that propelled the second EP. Breakups are just the craziest thing, and everyone gets it. And the other part is what happens when you say goodbye to this life you have been living for the last four years? All of a sudden you are out of college and trying to be an adult; you’re looking back and looking forward at the same time. I’m not trying to be too intellectual, but that was just craziness, you know.

What is your favorite song in the new EP?
The first track is called “What These Years Felt Like Pt. 2” and I wrote and recorded that a day before we sent off the EP. It just came last-minute and it had to be on the EP. That is probably one of my favorites. I would either go with that or with “Blood Runs Dry.”

What are you wanting listeners to take away from the EP?
What I like about my band and the music that we are making is that we are trying to make music that makes sense for where we’re at and even people who are stuck in that weird time of life. Your twenties are just weird. We are trying to make music that relates to people. So, for people listening to our EP, I just hope that our music connects with where they’re at in their transitions and their heartbreaks and the parts that die.

What else are you guys working on right now?
We are very inspired by Brockhampton. And they just had this unrelenting work energy and in their first year they released like three full albums. That’s kind of the goal that we have. We are working on two EP’s at the moment. One of them is called What These Years Felt Like Pt. 3 and then the other is called Songs for Movies. We’ve always wanted to score a soundtrack for film and write singles and create a soundtrack for a movie. So, we are taking some of our older songs and songs that have been released and re-working them. We will have a couple of individual songs created for some specific movies.

Have you already picked out movies or are you talking to film producers?
Yeah, but with the level of being in Lexington, Kentucky and being 23 years-old, we have very little career connections. We are just trying to create the art we would love to make if we had the connections with producers. We’ve already looked at some of our favorite movies and we are thinking about songs that we would have loved to have seen in these movies.

You can check out Romantic Relevance’s new EP, “What These Years Felt Like, Pt. 2” is available now.

What These Years Felt Like, Pt. 2 on Spotify

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