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WRFL is hiring 9 new student directors

UPDATE: As of March 20 at 5 p.m., applications are now closed. The original post remains below.

We’re hiring! WRFL is now accepting applications for nine Board of Directors positions.

If you are a current UK student and interested in becoming WRFL’s Promotions Director, Operations Director, Events Director, Production Director, Design Director, Community Engagement Director, Local Music Director, Membership Director, or Library Director, you can fill out your application at Below, see the eligibility criteria and descriptions of each position.

Eligibility requirements to apply: 

  • Must be a full-time or part-time student enrolled at the University of Kentucky
  • Must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA minimum during their terms on the WRFL Board of Directors
  • Must be in good standing with the University of Kentucky
  • Must satisfy WRFL membership requirements
  • If you don’t currently satisfy WRFL Membership Requirements you must be available to complete WRFL Membership Requirements on a timeline determined by the General Manager and Station Advisor

Promotions Director

  • Oversees all promotions for WRFL
  • Writes new PSAs to promote activities and resources on campus and in Lexington
  • Delegates the design and development of WRFL’s online presence
  • Must already be a WRFL DJ for at least one show cycle to apply

Operations Director

  • Manages and monitors the station’s 24/7 broadcast
  • Creates WRFL’s show schedule
  • Coordinates the station’s DJs and shows
  • Must already be a WRFL DJ for at least one show cycle to apply

Events Director

  • Oversees all station events, sponsorships, and tabling efforts
  • Maintains the Event Calendar

Production Director

  • Creates audio and video materials for the station
  • Manages production equipment
  • Handles sound services for bands that perform live with the station

Design Director

  • Creates the RiFLe (WRFL’s zine)
  • Designs the visuals for our website, social media, and physical materials
  • Manages the visual identity of the station

Community Engagement Director

  • Handles relations with WRFL’s underwriters, local businesses, station alumni, and other community supporters

Local Music Director

  • Hosts WRFL Live weekly
  • Reviews and manages local music around Lexington and the rest of Kentucky

Membership Director

  • Oversees training and volunteering at WRFL

Library Director

  • Manages WRFL’s physical and digital music and media library

Once again, go to to fill out your application! If you have any questions about the positions or application, feel free to reach out to our General Manager at

You must apply by March 20 at 5 p.m.