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WRFL is fully operated by our directors. Directors are full time students at the University of Kentucky. Be sure to contact the appropiate director for your specific needs. If you are unsure, contact the general manager.
Mailing Address Studio Phone Office Phone Physical Address
WRFL Lexington, University Station Box 777, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506 859-257-9735 859-257-4636 160 Avenue of Champions, Room A160, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506

    General Manager

      Allison Pin

      My name is Allison Pin pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering! As the general manager of WRFL, I oversee all the operations and organization to make WRFL all kinds of awesome sauce! Any questions you have, feel free to reach out to me! // ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT

      Graduate Assistant

      My role as the Graduate Assistant is primarily to help with events, marketing, and promotions

      Mary Clark

      I'm a Twin Peaks and X-Files super fan, currently working toward my Masters in Communication. Radio runs in the family for me, and after being the Program Director of another local radio station, Lexington Community Radio, for nearly three years, it's great to be back at WRFL where I got my start.

      Design Director

      As the Design Director, I'm responsible for making the RiFLe and creating any gig/event posters and the digital identity of the station!

      Elisa Russell

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        Development Director

        I handle relations with our underwriters

        Becky Fulton

        A recent grad from Centre College with a degree in Classics, I'm now a concurrent degrees student pursuing both a Master's in Library Science and Master's in Classics here at UK. I'm a DJ on the show Woefully Unhip, and my musical interests span a wide variety of genres from big band erajazz music to Gregorian chant to modern indie/folk (essentially everything but modern country and rap).

        Library Director

        As library director, I manage the physical and digital archival of WRFL's media library, including the overseeing of Subsonic and the labeling process for new CDs. If you have questions regarding the availability of materials or the acquiring of new ones, contact me.

        Claire Thompson

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          Local Music Director

          I review, submit, and play local music here at WRFL. Are you a local band who wants to play on my show or get your music on the air? I’m the one to email.

          Anna Rose

          Art History/Film Studies. Writing/Research is what I love the most and I can’t wait to do it for the rest of my life! WRFL is my home.

          Media Director

          Overseeing production of WRFL’s videos, website content, and social media content, as needed, while maintaining timely and high-quality output of promotional and WRFL Live videos/photography on a regular, weekly basis

          Maurice Fleming

          Just an Arizona tea lover who loves to make videos and take pictures.

          Music Director

          As Music Director I talk to promoters about the new music they send us and share the music with our DJ’s to review and rotate into our play box.

          Carsen Clouser

          I’m that kid from Almost Famous who is obsessed with Led Zeppelin. They started my music obsession and lead me through any strange/experimental genre of music I can find and analyze. Live shows and long car rides are the best way to listen and experience music. If I’m not at the station you can find me in a bike shop, hiking outside, playing ultimate frisbee, or reading on my front porch.

          News Director

          The News Director is in charge of news programming at WRFL. They are the student liaison between WRFL and the School of Journalism and Media and assists the journalism students with the morning news and Campus Voices, a show on Wednesdays 5-6pm. The News Director also runs the WRFL News blog, providing information and reviews of local musicians and events.

          Noah Oldham

          I am a junior broadcast journalism major with minors in political science and Spanish. I host No! Ah! on Saturdays Noon-2PM, a show with music and the latest news making me go, 'No! Ah!'

          Production Director

          As production director, I'm responsible for the creation of audio materials for the station, from on-air promotions and artist spots to sound services for the many live bands that perform with us.

          Cassini Griffin

          My name is Cass [they/them] and I like space and sci-fi! I also like buildin' models of giant robots and telling stories (film and written), though I'm still learning how. Also, dubstep is pretty cool. I do the HEAVYSET, Wednesdays 12a-3a.

          Production Director

          As one of the Production Directors, I assist in sound reinforcement for live events and WRFL Live. I also write, record, and/or produce on-air promotional material, as well as edit our podcasts.

          Jacob Sandoval

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            Programming Director

            The Programming Directors create and oversee the seasonal schedule, monitors the broadcast for quality and policy compliance, are on call 24/7 for emergencies, and assist largely in maintaining and improving the identity of WRFL. Email us for show applications, on-air policy questions, and all one-off on air performances or interviews.

            John Burke

            I'm a native Lexingtonian who's been involved with the station since late spring of 2018. I've been an avid programmer who loved taking up extra fills and doing the whole 'On-Air' performance kind of thing, after a while of both being around the station a ton and also being a student at UK, got in line to become Programming Director. I currently host WRFL Talks on Mondays 6-8pm and it's my attempt to get to know the DJs and long time programmers at the station. I also periodically am on the air for fills and for my Friday show 4-6pm, currently known as Johns Dojo, which is turning into a Blues show. I've got BIG Dreams kid lemme tell ya.

            Assisstant Programming Director

            The Assisstant Programming Director handles checking plays and helps with covering fills and no-call no-shows. Email us if fills are needed or the playlist isn't working.

            Camille Harn

            I'm the one with purple hair.

            Promotions Director

              Neha Yousef

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                Promotions Director

                As promotion director, my responsibilities include managing social media, writing on-air promotions, coordinating with bands and local venues to organize events, and working with the design director to create merchandise and posters.

                Josh Massey

                My name is Josh and I like everything related to tech and philosophy. I am also interested in design (architectural, interior, & fashion) and video games. My primary music interests are hardcore and experimental variants of punk, rap, and jazz.

                Training Director

                If you want a show on WRFL or want to get involved I am the person to talk to. Fill out the application on the website if you are interested in getting trained and having your own show. If you have questions send me an email.

                Noah Tolson

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                  Volunteer Director

                  As volunteer director, I keep track of all RFL members' service hours.

                  Emme Dupree

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                    Website Director

                    Having issue with the website, stream, archive, or anything technical?

                    Jason Sogan

                    'Have you tried turning it off and back on again', these are words I live by

                    Website Director

                    Having issue with the website, stream, archive, or anything technical?

                    Morgan Martin

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