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talking about talking time by The Cut Family Foundation on Colonel Kisling's Sound brigade
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Artist Track Album Show Time
The Secret Samurai Turkish Gold Zanshin The Weekend Wave 05:31 PM
Al Casey The Hearse Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV The Weekend Wave 05:28 PM
Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys The Clamour of the Sun Nippon Guitars The Weekend Wave 05:24 PM
Frankie & the Pool Boys Teke, Teke, Teke Continental #16 The Weekend Wave 05:23 PM
The Looney Tunes Band Searchlights Modern Sounds Of... The Weekend Wave 05:18 PM
Belairs Volcanic Action Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV The Weekend Wave 05:16 PM
The Space Cossacks The Crusher Tsar Wars The Weekend Wave 05:13 PM
Atomic Mosquitos Kid of Speed Release the Mosquitos! The Weekend Wave 05:07 PM
Thee Phantom 5ive Hey Rock Don't Run 1 The Weekend Wave 05:04 PM
Edisun Kill Me With Your Kiss Collision The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:59 PM
The Art of Noise feat. Tom ... KISS [RIP Prince] Single The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:53 PM
Minor Mishap Marching Band Bywater / Lemonaid Minor Mishap The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:47 PM
Moon Hooch Milk and Waffles This is Cave Music The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:44 PM
The Mighty Accordion Band Caravan They Said it Couldn't be Done The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:43 PM
MarchFourth Marching Band Fat Alberta Magnificent Beast The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:42 PM
RJD2 Your Nostalgic Heart and Lung Dame Fortune The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:30 PM
Sunwatchers Herd of Creeps Sunwatchers The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:25 PM
The Budos Band Aphasia Burnt Offering The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:20 PM
Tacocat Dana Katherine Scully Lost Time The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:12 PM
Brass Bed Yellow Bursts of Age In The Yellow Leaf The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:08 PM
Propellerheads Winning Style Decksanddrumsandrockandroll The Stick Shift w/ Matt 04:03 PM
The Palms We All Make Mistakes Future Love derk_jones 03:58 PM
All India Radio and the earth The Slow Light derk_jones 03:49 PM
La Sera A Thousand Ways Music for Listening to Musi... derk_jones 03:47 PM
HANA White HANA EP derk_jones 03:47 PM
teen suicide Neighborhood Drug Dealer It's the Big Joyous Celebra... derk_jones 03:44 PM
Deakin Good House Sleep Cycle derk_jones 03:33 PM
Animalia Ocean Blue (dissonance) derk_jones 03:30 PM
Frank & Tony Apprentice Apprentice EP derk_jones 03:23 PM
Pasacåal Lamborghini Lamborghini/Apollo derk_jones 03:20 PM
Calibre Strumpet Strumpet EP derk_jones 03:11 PM
Ghostface Killah I Love You For All Seasons 36 Seasons derk_jones 03:09 PM
Congo River Club House Hidden in the brush Free Jazz EP derk_jones 03:02 PM
Lord Raja Red Sun A Constant Moth derk_jones 02:59 PM
Young Spice Phonk Potatoheadz Vol. 1 derk_jones 02:53 PM
Privacy Always On Hypertext EP derk_jones 02:48 PM
Ras G Wulu Riddim Raw Fruit Vol. 3 derk_jones 02:47 PM
Onra and Quetzal Sorry Tribute derk_jones 02:43 PM
The Other People Place Let Me Be Me Lifestyles of the laptop café derk_jones 02:39 PM
sonofdistantearth Koan Parachute EP derk_jones 02:33 PM
Micachu I Dare You (Demdike Stare E... Taz and May Vids derk_jones 02:28 PM
Toro Y Moi ambient_Rainbow Samantha derk_jones 02:23 PM
Krrum Evil Twin Evil Twin derk_jones 02:13 PM
Moderat Ethereal III derk_jones 02:07 PM
Cub Sport Runner This Is Our Vice derk_jones 02:05 PM
Sego Obscene Dream Once Was Lost Now Just Hang... derk_jones 02:02 PM
Satellite Stories Australia (Don't Ever Let H... Pine Trails WRFL Trainee 01:57 PM
The Royal Foundry Running Away Running Away WRFL Trainee 01:53 PM
Cellars Stircrazy Phases WRFL Trainee 01:50 PM
Bibio Town and Country A Mineral Love WRFL Trainee 01:47 PM