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Jonesin' for Jones by Dale Watson (@Willie's Aug. 25) on pacochaos
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with Ben Southworth

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Artist Track Album Show Time
Mount Moriah Higher Mind How To Dance bensouthworth 07:39 AM
the WRISTS The Cloud the WRISTS bensouthworth 07:33 AM
Andrew Bird Capsized Capsized [single] bensouthworth 07:27 AM
Jim Duffy Boulevard Six Pale Afternoon bensouthworth 07:23 AM
Cereal Glyphs Siren Stalker Cereal Glyphs bensouthworth 07:19 AM
Beat Awfuls No Dice Cold Bones Nothing Happens bensouthworth 07:16 AM
Sarah Neufeld The Ridge The Ridge bensouthworth 07:07 AM
Fat White Family Whitest Boy on the Beach Songs For Our Mothers bensouthworth 07:02 AM
The Dismemberment Plan The City Emergency & I bensouthworth 08:23 AM
The Magnetic Fields Washington, D.C. 69 Love Songs bensouthworth 08:21 AM
Skip James Washington D.C. Hospital Ce... Hard Time Killing Floor Blues bensouthworth 08:17 AM
Deleted Scenes Landfall Lithium Burn bensouthworth 08:11 AM
Fugazi Waiting Room Fugazi bensouthworth 08:10 AM
John Philip Sousa (The Pres... The Washington Post Live bensouthworth 08:06 AM
Sufjan Stevens The Star-Spangled Banner Single bensouthworth 08:01 AM
Idiot Glee Evergreen Psycho Idiot Glee bensouthworth 07:54 AM
Eleanor Friedburger Because I Asked You New View bensouthworth 07:52 AM
Esperanza Spalding I Want It Now Emily's D+Evolution bensouthworth 07:48 AM
Spoon Inside Out They Want My Soul bensouthworth 07:42 AM
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Out of Reaches Real Emotional Trash bensouthworth 07:39 AM
St. Vincent Prince Johnny St. Vincent bensouthworth 07:32 AM
So Pitted Feed Me Neo bensouthworth 07:29 AM
Grizzly Bear A Simple Answer Shields bensouthworth 07:22 AM
Animal Collective Golden Gal Painting With bensouthworth 07:18 AM
Wilco I'll Fight Wilco (The Album) bensouthworth 07:12 AM
V/A (ATTEMPT) - Items on a Ques... Love and acceptance volume one bensouthworth 07:07 AM
Beat Awfuls Who's Driving? Nothing Happens bensouthworth 07:05 AM
Andrew Bird Capsized Capsized [single] bensouthworth 07:01 AM
The Pacifica Network Democracy Now 2.19.2016 bensouthworth 09:00 AM
Future Islands A Dream of You and Me Singles bensouthworth 08:56 AM
Billie Holiday Good Morning Heartache Live bensouthworth 08:52 AM
Tori Amos Baltimore Single bensouthworth 08:49 AM
Randy Newman Baltimore Little Criminals bensouthworth 08:43 AM
Mark Fosson When We Were Young kY bensouthworth 08:37 AM
Animal Collective Bluish Merriweather Post Pavilion bensouthworth 08:32 AM
Beach House Lazuli Bloom bensouthworth 08:25 AM
Henry Burr and Andrea Sarto There's a Girl in the Heart... Single bensouthworth 08:22 AM
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Baltimore Real Emotional Trash bensouthworth 08:15 AM
Mama Cass Dream a Little Dream of Me Live bensouthworth 08:11 AM
Tim Easton Baltimore Porcupine bensouthworth 08:08 AM
Tennessee Ernie Ford Maryland, My Maryland Songs of the Civil War bensouthworth 08:05 AM
Sufjan Stevens 50 States Song Single bensouthworth 08:00 AM
Ma Turner I Did Something Love And Acceptance Vol. 1 bensouthworth 07:57 AM
Bring Back Einstein Melodrama Bring Back Einstein bensouthworth 07:53 AM
Teal Grapefruit Hanging Chassis Heart of Being bensouthworth 07:50 AM
Wild Nothing Whenever I Life of Pause bensouthworth 07:41 AM
Ringo Deathstarr Guilt Pure Mood bensouthworth 07:34 AM
Idiot Glee The River Idiot Glee bensouthworth 07:32 AM
Beat Awfuls No Dice Cold Bones Nothing Happens bensouthworth 07:28 AM
Chris Bathgate Acorns Old Factory bensouthworth 07:23 AM