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Jonesin' for Jones by Dale Watson (@Willie's Aug. 25) on pacochaos
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with Ben Southworth

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Artist Track Album Show Time
Jeffrey Lewis Krongu Green Slime A Turn in the Dream Songs bensouthworth 07:32 AM
ATTEMPT Incompetence Personal Fables bensouthworth 07:27 AM
Gone Gone Beyond Long Day Gone Gone Beyond bensouthworth 07:20 AM
Ty Segall Warm Hands (Freedom Returned) Ty Segall bensouthworth 07:06 AM
Johnny Conqueroo Dancin' With You Washed Up bensouthworth 07:02 AM
The Pacifica Network Democracy Now! 1.27.2017 bensouthworth 09:00 AM
Till Broner Love is Here to Stay The Good Life bensouthworth 08:55 AM
Beat Awfuls Do It Now Something Happened 4 Track ... bensouthworth 08:52 AM
Latimer House Hey! Hey! bensouthworth 08:50 AM
Gallant Miyazaki Ology bensouthworth 08:43 AM
Abraham Mwinda Revolution (Featuring Jessi... Dreamer bensouthworth 08:38 AM
Kyle Andrews Spider God Escape bensouthworth 08:34 AM
Brandon Can't Dance Smoke and Drive Around Graveyard of Good Times bensouthworth 08:29 AM
Cherry Crush Made in America Turning EP bensouthworth 08:26 AM
Jagwar Ma Slipping Every Now and Then bensouthworth 08:21 AM
Parquet Courts What Color is Blood Sunbathing Animal bensouthworth 08:17 AM
Shawnthony Calypso I Want to Leave A Whale of a Tale (Space Co... bensouthworth 08:11 AM
Pavo Pavo Ran Ran Run Young Narrator in the Breakers bensouthworth 08:07 AM
Cooler Seltzer Phantom Phuzz bensouthworth 08:04 AM
Pomegranates House of My Mortal Father Healing Power bensouthworth 08:00 AM
EZRA Left Behind "Left Behind" Single bensouthworth 07:56 AM
Parekh & Singh Me & You Ocean bensouthworth 07:52 AM
Radiohead Where I End and you Begin Hail to the Thief bensouthworth 07:48 AM
Jim James We Ain't Getting Any Younge... Eternally Even bensouthworth 07:40 AM
Slow Hollows Softer Romantic bensouthworth 07:36 AM
Ty Segall Orange Color Queen Orange Color Queen bensouthworth 07:32 AM
Teal Grapefruit Heart of Being Heart of Being bensouthworth 07:26 AM
Thee Oh Sees Gelatinous Cube A Weird Exits bensouthworth 07:22 AM
Priests Appropriate Nothing Feels Natural bensouthworth 07:17 AM
Johnny Conqueroo Who Do You Trust? Washed Up bensouthworth 07:13 AM
Jeffrey Lewis Water Leaking, Water Moving A Turn in the Dream Songs bensouthworth 07:08 AM
Foxygen Avalon Hang bensouthworth 07:04 AM
Chino Vadgi K.I.D.$. Kids in the Street bensouthworth 07:01 AM
The Pacifica Network Democracy Now! 1.13.2017 bensouthworth 09:00 AM
Shannon Vetter Don't Know How to Be Alone Rapid Cycle bensouthworth 08:54 AM
ATTEMPT Items on a Questionnaire Love and Acceptance Vol. 1 bensouthworth 08:49 AM
Andrew Bird Valleys of the Young Are You Serious? bensouthworth 08:41 AM
St. Lenox People From Other Cultures Ten Hymns From My American ... bensouthworth 08:39 AM
Neutral Milk Hotel Two Headed Boy (Part Two) In the Aeroplane Over the Sea bensouthworth 08:33 AM
Greg Ward & 10 Tongues With All Your Sorrow, Sing ... Touch My Beloved Thought bensouthworth 08:25 AM
I.P.A. I Just Did Say Something I Just Did Say Something bensouthworth 08:24 AM
Thumbscrew Cleome Convallaria bensouthworth 08:15 AM
The Luyas Bucky's (2 Hours) Late Says You EP bensouthworth 08:07 AM
Shana Falana Where R U Here Comes the Wave bensouthworth 08:05 AM
Beach Baby Lost Soul No Mind No Money bensouthworth 08:00 AM
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks Little Fang Enter The Slasher House bensouthworth 07:59 AM
Mac DeMarco Treat Her Better Salad Days bensouthworth 07:52 AM
Moby & The Void Pacific Choir Hey! Hey! These Systems Are Failing bensouthworth 07:46 AM
Empire of the Sun High and Low Two Vines bensouthworth 07:42 AM
Benta Too Far To The Right Noir bensouthworth 07:39 AM